Recession slowed rental growth in the capital – on 11/29/2018

The slowdown in the real estate market also affected the rent segment, at least in the federal capital. In the third quarter of the year, the price per m2 was for rent on average, it increased by 31% in the departments used, This was a slowdown in growth calculated in the previous quarter.

According to data collected by the Buenos Aires Statistical Office with information from ArgenpropThe used monoambiente rose in the quarter, and 35.8%; 2-room apartments, which account for 46% of the total number of seats in CABA, increased 31.8% and 25.8% was the growth of units used in 3 environments, representing 24.2% of the market.

The slowdown in rental prices during this third quarter is linked to the withdrawal of the market in general and to the impossibility of owners to adjust their value against the modest income of tenants, he explains in real estate.

On the other hand, rent increases for unit 2 and 3 environments was lower than price fluctuations estimated by the Buenos Aires consumer price index (IPCBA), which averages for July / September, year-on-year, reached 34.7% 1. However,, the evolution of evolution monoamentiers continued slightly above,

From the second quarter of 2017 to April / June of this year without interruption, city rent were valued at rates higher than those recorded by consumer price trajectories,

According to the neighborhood, the highest prices calculated for the monoaments used were verified Palermo ($ 10,120) and Recoleta ($ 9,599); meanwhile, departments with a lower value were recorded in 2008 Liniers ($ 7,029) and Floresta ($ 7,032),

For the use of two main rooms, the highest prices corresponded to Puerto Madero ($ 21,635) and Palermo ($ 13,876); at Villa Luro ($ 9,461) and Vélez Sarsfield ($ 9,542), the lowest average earnings were recorded.

For the used 3-room apartment they featured Núñez ($ 20,050) and Palermo ($ 19,749) the most expensive district; at the other end were Villa Gral, Miter ($ 14,631) and Liniers ($ 14,929).

According to the municipality, the most striking price scatter It was verified in the property segment of 2 environments where the gap between the maximum rent (Comuna 14, Palermo) and the minimum (Comuna 10, Floresta, Monte Castro, Velez Sarsfield, Versailles, Villa Luro and Villa Real) July and September, 44.7%.

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