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Responses Lali Esposita and Thalia to see the ad for the new song

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31 January 2019

The artists approached New York's Time Square, mythical corner, where they found an ad about a new and controversial piece.

Lali Esposito and Thalia they became the center of controversy after the premiere of their song Cute but rough, who has an insulting letter to all the people who were against him. Still, both artists were very excited to discover an advertising poster for this new single.

"You have a hard body and an empty brain. Why not read a book from time to time? You are cute but harsh, you will, but only with a heap. In my pocket it is simple, the quiet is that I look more beautiful ", is one of the phrases that can be heard in the song that premiered his video on the platform YouTube and in less than 24 hours he received more than a million visits.

Thalía Lali Esposito

With the cold that hits New York, Thalia has posted a video on your Instagram account, in which you can see how screaming with enthusiasm, and see a poster at the top of the emblematic corner. The Mexican singer was wearing a yellow cap Lali he decided for another animal print.

In the background, you can hear the song fragment and accompany the movie sharing the message: "Screaming as a little girl in the middle of the street passed #timessquare Big Billboard with #lindoperobruto gave us a surprise! lpb #lindoperobruto #valente @lalioficial. "

The video from the controversial Thalia and Lali Esposito was released

Lali Esposito He went on to respond to criticism on social networks for his new topic Thalia and made a strong answer via their Twitter account: "Like we are women laughing at the rough men who believe that with money and just the pieces they can love is "controversial".

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