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At the border of two years from the transition of the original mix from the concept to the final product, Xiaomi is ready to introduce into Europe its My Mix 3,

With a consolidated input range and the Mi Mix 8 Pro as the most classic reference, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, which we have already tested in Xataka, keeps the status of another terminal with a touch of difference. In this case, you need to talk about 10 GB RAM and sliding camera to prevent cracking in its design without frames.

Product Data Sheet Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

At this point of the year and waiting for the MWC 2019 to leave the first terminals with the relevant internal messages Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 together in our technical data sheet, a solid base we have seen many times this year.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3


AMOLED 6.39 "2.340 x 1080, 19.5: 9

Size and weight

15.79 x 7.47 x 0.85 cm (218 grams)


Snapdragon 845


6 GB, 8 GB or 10 GB


128 GB or 256 GB

Front camera

Dual 24 MP + 2 MP

Rear camera

Dual 12 MP (f1.8) + 12 MP (f2.4)

Operating system

Android 9 with MIUI 10


Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual-band, BT 5.0, NFC, USB-C


3200 mAh


Slide housing for camera deployment


In Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi returns to RAM, where we have 6 GB of series that can be upgraded to 8 and even 10 GB in ceramic finish, By 2019 it is expected that the next turn of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 compatible screwdriver will be available on the market with 5G networks.

My Mix 3 Content Box

The New Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 There is still no official prize in Europe and can only be achieved with $ 569 in imports. In our case, we tried 8GB RAM and Chinese ROM (available only in Chinese and English, with many local services and without Google or Google Play installed).

Design without frames, without prism and without front cameras

The one who Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 not just the frames, the front fingerprint reader, or even the notch, as we will see, places it directly among the screen screen winners, with more than 93% by manufacturer.

Another feature of smartphone identity will be how it approaches the frameless design but with secondary cameras. This Mi Mix 3 bet offers a real "all-screen"

Design level is Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 very attractive terminal visuallyThe model we analyzed has a green finish. It is made of glass, but this combination has the disadvantage that it is authentic mirror which also attracts quite a few tracks.

Rear crystal

This visual appeal is confronted with the ergonomics of the Mi 3 mix. The hand is a large but manageable terminal and although it is balanced, a weight of almost 220 grams is evident with the passage of timeBut what worried me most at this time with Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 as the main phone was that the curvature of the back and the type of glass surface finish very slippery phone in hand, Xiaomi is not learning and is too repetitive in its terminals.

For me, it is almost imperative to wear the case, and in fact, in a box, besides the headphone adapter and wireless charger, comes a rigid plastic box with a good touch that Improves grip and supports screen sliding no problem

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has a physical volume control and a power on / off on the right, at a height somewhat elevated to get in the natural way to get a terminal of these dimensions. Just on the opposite side, at the same height as the power button, we find physical button for Xiaomi Virtual Assistant, which is the version we tested with the local ROM only available in Chinese.

My design Imix 3

In the future, and as Xiaomi told us, it is expected to arrive in more languages ​​and even a button that can be used with a Google assistant, which will give you much more useful than today.

Other frame elements include the nanoSIM (double) and a USB-C charging port lined with two loudspeakers, although it happens more than required, only one of them is real.

A hidden selfie camera

For many potential customers, Mi Mi 3 is the most important place at the design level for opening and activating the block of secondary cameras. There is no notch that's worth itneither big nor small.

In this design, Xiaomi chose to integrate the system by which cameras appear when you move the rear of Mi Mix 3 up Various a take care of privacyThis is the only thing the system saves once it is tested once a day.

The Mi Mix 3 sliding camera system, as implemented, does not convince me on the functional level but has won me for privacy

The system is really curious, yes, but I'm afraid that how it is implemented is more important for curiosity than for an effective outcome.

To begin with, the glass rear is slippery, it makes the gesture sliding one hand to "wake up" the front camera system they do not work any more than if we develop a lot of power on the panel, Real power in fact. And in any case, it will take longer than trying to open the camera by hand before giving up and helping us with the other hand, something that has not become natural at this time, what I spent with Mi Mix 3 Xiaomi.

Opening screen

But even if it gets used to it, attempts to open a screen-enabled system sometimes cause us to end up pressing the app and finally we have to go back to the two operations.

The sliding system also conceals the front speaker, which, when opened, reveals any dirt that can accumulate when transferring the terminal to the pocket of your pants.

This speaker will work when we move the screen after receiving the call to accept it. Yes, just like in the old days of telephony, although for now, in the version we could try at Engadget, this feature is not yet implementedIf we decide to accept the call to the most up-to-date mode, there is no sound problem because we have a fully functional speaker at the edge. Bright and loud sound during a call is one of the features of this Xiaomi, which I liked the most.

The sliding camera system seems to be half defined. In fact, when we finished the review, there was an update that finally allowed us to configure other uses except we decided for ourselves

As far as traffic is concerned, when entering the camera mode directly from the locked terminal, access to the image gallery is not possible. However, the Logic System does not allow us to use a fingerprint reader to identify us and access the gallery once the camera is opened. This step is only possible if we move the screen and enter the PIN, the formula we chose, or our fingerprint directly.

Sliding screen

And if we get away facial identification system? Neither. In this case also when activated, the opening of the front sliding camera does not lead directly to the selfie mode but will enter the system in the normal way. This is the default configuration when we activated face recognition, which in addition to Xiaomi's own warnings does not provide sufficient security, even if it is quite fast.

Registration of our face is done only with a photo, without moving the head scanner as usual. Xiaomi warns us at least that our suspicion of the uncertainty of this identification is legitimate, and in fact, even though no one in my environment could walk for me, it was quite simple that with a recent photo Face ID Xiaomi would allow us access to the system. Be careful.

Mi Mix 3 contains a very fast face recognition system, but it is not difficult to deceive or work (logically) if we do not have an open screen system

At the moment, using the sliding camera system, I do not feel the effort is worth it, no matter how much it hates the cards on the screen. At least so implemented. In fact, during the review (actually completed its completion) we got a system update to add an option in the terminal menus that allow you to configure the opening gesture and, in addition to enabling Selfie mode, run the application directly or access the control panel with some keyboard shortcuts as the control center.

Sliding mode

Finally, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 works vibration, the strongest I've ever had in my hands. So, in my case, I usually hold key vibrations and some active elements even in silent mode, I had to deactivate it because it was obvious to me but also to the environment that he appreciated it even acousticallyNeedless to say, the danger of this strong vibration in a terminal that tends to slip away from the place where you place it.

Screen faithful AMOLED and FullHD +

In addition to the difference in sliding camera mode, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 keeps the high-volume manufacturer structure for the year 2018The screen is another one of these repeating elements, but it is also safe.

The only downside to the AMOLED Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 screen is in almost unofficial Always Display mode, and the resolution does not rise above FullHD + in the terminal that wants to be the most significant and ambitious of Xiaomi

The Mi Mix 3 panel is one of them AMOLED with a diagonal of 6.4 inches and a resolution that does not even belong to this model for FullHD +, which Xiaomi can not surrender. Having Mi Mi 8 For the market, it was a good opportunity to differentiate and dare something more at the solution level.

The AMOLED panel is a small step under the best market of Samsung, both in global quality and in configuration options. We lack more contrast, although a high brightness of 600 nits does the visibility of this screen outdoors is very good, about the best of this year.

My Mix 3 Screen

Among screen options, we can find a reading mode that makes the screen colors warmer, as well as double touch on screen, adjustable night mode in brightness and temperature, and Ambient Display mode that we can program it, but without other options or controls, what and how we want it to emerge.

For the AMOLED terminal and this category, we expected much more in this regard, at least to be able to configure the Ambient Display light intensity. These are details such as the low level of screen illumination in automatic mode, where it is more and more fixed in order to evaluate very similar terminals in other aspects.

The best thing on the Mi Mix 3 screen is that without the camera and interface gesture, the entire front panel is useful for the user

Three modes are available in the screen modes: Auto Contrast, Advanced Contrast, and Standard Mode. The most likely mode is automatic contrast, but we should also set a temperature that is somewhat cool by default.

Screen modes

From the multimedia experience with Mi Mix 3, we are dedicated to the sound. Here there is no port on the headset, you must pull out the USB-C adapter that is part of the cautious field of this terminal.

In general, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 offers good sound, but in this respect we can not place it among the most significant. It preserves personalization by the type of phone we place but focuses too much on our own models, of which no one comes in a box. We can customize listening with an equalizer that can only be used with the headphones plugged in.

Ports Mi Mix 3

The speakers we have already mentioned are stereo but with a deformed grid at the bottom of the terminal, offering volume and proper fidelity.

Up to 10 GB of RAM that accompanies Snapdragon 845

The terminal, which has a lot of numbers, starting at a price, could not be factually nothing to neglect. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will join Snapdragon 845 and a lot of RAM will attract us.

The model we tested was looking forward to 8 GB of RAM, but there is a 10GB version that is very tempting. The reason for these numbers may have to be sought in optimizing the system, because with the difficult tasks or multitasking, Mi Mix 3 stored 6 GB of RAM busy.

Screen without frames

This version of 8 GB of RAM, as well as 10 GB, is paired with internal memory 256 GB (without the possibility of microSD extension), which gives us plenty of room for improvement. A priori, we should not have capacity problems for many applications or content that we store in our Mi Mix 3.

No surprise when introducing Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. The terminal overcomes in synthetic tests and is ready for everything day after day. Multitasking, streaming, editing applications, games … everything in Mi Miru 3 is fluid,

As an experienced Xiaomi assembler, there is no problem in terms of the operating temperature of parts or problem areas or annoyance with excessive heat. Everything in the normal state.

Android 9 with MIUI control 10

With Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 showing me a few updates in the week using the terminal, he has shown that his arrival on the European market may be a bit quicker. We counted for our rating terminal with local ROM, which translates into an interface in English, but with a heavy load on the interface and applications associated with the local market.

English Interface

As it happened recently with the Xiaomi Terminals, she touched check out the tricks in order to customize the keyboard as well as Google and Android.

Once we have arrived, we found out the system has already been updated on Android 9 and the MIUI 10 layer on the controlsExperience has been good on the level of stability, and though it's not my favorite layer, the look is getting closer to Android in elements like the notices I like. Though it's all with peculiarities that MIUI users already use.

MIUI 10 keeps a lot of bloatware levels, AI brings Xiaomi's own and some welcome assists, such as gestures, allowing us to control the interface with sufficient success, who renounces the classic buttons and gains an even more useful screen.

We were afraid: 3200 mAh is not enough on the battery

Perhaps they do not hesitate for their high-end terminals, Xiaomi decides almost all of them to the capacity of a battery that is presented on paper short for diagonal screen and terminal preferences,

This is a special way in this Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 terminal, which, despite its screen of almost 6.5 inches, battery capacity up to 3200 mAh, These data are transferred to a very fair autonomy in order to reach the end of the day with solvency and without having to resort to the charger.

The weak point of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is too important in the element: the battery. No more than 4 hours of the screen does not guarantee us to reach the end of the day if we are an intensive terminal user

On the days we demanded the most, we could not avoid charging the battery before arriving at night, with an average It's no more than 4 hours of screen in each case.

In general

The only good news about the Xiaomi Mi 3 battery is on the outside. Specifically in wireless charger supplied as standard, compact and 10 W to accelerate the usual low loading speed of this type of technology.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

With an interior assimilated from the second Xiaomi high-end of the year 2018, part of the camera also keeps the combination well-known and used by the Chinese manufacturer in this 2018 twin-camera 20 (12 megapixel f / 1.8 with optical stabilization and 12 MP Tele with f / ), but the novelty is also supplied with a double sensor in the front (24 MP with the support of a second sensor of 2 MP)

To manage this four-camera system, Xiaomi offers us a classic interface, one of those that better offsets the possibilities and ease of use. Modes vary by shifting, including manual, and there are no missing HDR modes, AI, flash or filters, and there are only two touchs, other options such as a timer and general configuration, Xiaomi's very good here.

Screenshot 2018 11 29 06 12 40 836 Com Android Camera

Photos that we can get with Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 are not surprising. If there are no complex lighting scenarios, the results convey whether we need very fine details. Also, in some cases, there is a risk of excessive saturation, and AI brings almost nothing.

Example 1

We are used to having AI systems applied to the camera to stop the scene and the country simply saturate the image roughly. In the case of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, we are glad that it is not very unnoticed because the scene will be completely destroyed.

Proper mode mode On the right, the image is modified by Xiaomi AI. Fair, invaluable.

Another way that requires greater synergy is HDR. You should not trust the choice the camera uses by default, so you must patiently arm yourself and work many times with attempts and mistakes until you get the desired result.

On the contrary, the regime we liked very much is the nightThanks to that, we gain more information in dark areas that reduce noise, but we lose some clarity and, depending on the particular case, the image becomes artificial if we get too close.

Internal night mode correctly Night mode on the right

It works well inside and outside, but it takes about two seconds for it to be effective so you have to take it into account.

Night mode Exterior on the right Night mode on the right

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has a in height what happened this year in the Xiaomi cinemas is meeting without a second. It makes it better in a very bright environment and worse when the light is rare. In both cases, the operation does not convince us too much because, far from adapting the portrait mode to our image, we have to play with the distance to achieve good results, something that is somewhat complicated with the objects. It's much better to focus sharp focus and natural depth of field by opening the main lens.

If we decide for a classical portrait mode, in our tests, trimming is generally good, with little slip, but blurring seems somewhat denatured according to the scenario.

Portrait mode

This model, My MIx 3, is projected in the portrait mode studio lightIt is a priori similar to what Apple offers, but in this case the effects almost will not change the light, but they are more like curious effects and with patience we leave the resulting portraits.

Lighting mode Lighting mode eliminates the background of the image and adds neutral mode to that which uses special effects

As for the secondary camera, Mi Mix 3 has two sensors. The main feature, of 24 MP, lets you get yourself with a high level of detail, including portrait mode with the same defects as the main camera. Update the software again.

Portrait and blur mode On the right, the self-blotting mode is applied

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 surprisingly surprised us by recording videos. In 4K and 1080p modes at 60 frames per second in both cases, the level of detail is high, the color is very successful, and stabilization helps us to move freely.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, the view and note of Xataka

With a price that is not as tight as other Xiaomi terminals, even to a large extent, Mi Mix 3 returns to the Chinese brand strategy. Exclusivity on this occasion comes from the hand of numbers (10 GB of RAM in the best execution) and especially in a sliding system that keeps the secondary cameras hidden beneath the screen,

Despite the doubts generated by this system and its real usefulness as well as limited autonomy at this time, the main problem of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is inside your home where Mi 8 and Mi 8 Pro, even PocoPhone F1 down at the bottom of your catalog, Now better options unless you require exclusivity and logically pay for it.









  • The Quality Screen, which is actually a "full screen"
  • Excellent performance
  • Very fast fingerprint reader


  • The camera is still below the reference high range
  • Insufficient autonomy, although it comes with a 10W wireless charger
  • The sliding display system does not convince us. It's still a phone that goes out of hand without a case

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