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Gradually, various manufacturers are adding net-free software to Google's stake. With a bit of a start, Android One is a follower, and Motorola has been one of the last giants to join. Many of Lenovo's international mobile phones have launched several non-personalized bets on the market, which have been practically possible before, but now bear the mark of Android One. Motorola One is one of them,

Motorola One entered the Motorola catalog as an intermediary to face other models that already exist on the market and Android One carriers, such as the Xiaomi Mi A1 last year or the A2 Lite of this one. A discrete phone in specifications, but interesting for both performance and aesthetics, which goes through our analytical charts to show us what it is capable of. Are you with us during the analysis?

Motorola One, technical specifications

Motorola One


Aspect 19: 9
Resolution 1 520 x 720


Snapdragon 625
Eight cores at 2GHz
Adreno 506 GPU


4 GB


64 GB plus microSD

Rear cameras

13 megapixels f / 2.0
2 megapixels
LED flash
4K video at 30 frames per second

Front camera

8 megapixels f / 2.2
LED flash


3000 mAh
Fast charging of TurboPower


Android 8.1 One


WiFi 4
Bluetooth 4.2
USB Type C
NFC chip

Size and weight

150 x 72 x 7.97 millimeters
197 grams


299 euros

Glass everywhere except the frame

Motorola One model analysis

Small different phones in design when recently, and it is also moving to the section of building materials. With the plastics almost extinguished, and the metal gets attention, glass is attacking the market, and in Motorola One we find it everywhere, except for the phone box, as it may be otherwise.

Good weight, good in ergonomics for this Motorola One, which comes with a body mostly made of glass

With the arrival of phones without frames, even more, if we add a "notch" that attacks the market as if it were a virus, we find phones that increase their screen, but this change does not have a big effect on the size. The 5.9 inches of this Motorola One are quite comfortable both in width, 72 millimeters, and even in weight, although we are talking about a model that brushes 200 grams. The phone is fairly balanced and never becomes annoying even though we need to help both hands. Do not forget that we are moving at the 6-inch limit.

As for the layout, the Motorola One is quite classic, We have the right side reserved for volume and power buttons in the usual configuration with sound above power, and the right frame is for the microSD and SIM storage only because we are in the triple tray for activating up to two phone lines. At the top we have a headphone connector, unpleasant or fit depending on your taste and the charging is located on the bottom with USB type C next to the main speaker phone.

Motorola One model analysis

We are talking about a "cut" phone and therefore some very rigid frames. The front camera is located on this eyebrow that pops up the screen and next to it we have an LED flash that accompanies the photographic equipment. The rest of the queue is the entire screen, except for the small lower chin which contains the brand name. The back also cleans the double-camera storage next to the flash and the fingerprint reader in the middle. We're in front of Android, so we'll have a Google brand on the bottom of the phone.

Crystal plus dark color equals fingerprints. And the oleophobic layer of this Motorola One can be improved.

We reminded that the Motorola One is a comfortable model in hand, but what can not be seen as too pure. The only end of cell phones is fingerprint, and here the oleophobic layer is not very well solvedIf we add that it is a black model that looks like a mirror depending on how the light touches, we find a finger magnet and also dust and other stains. Bad news for passionate users and eager to always have the cleanliness of the phone will need a lot of patience.

The rest is very well resolved at the level of surface changes, with a smooth jump between the screen and the back with the frames, despite the slight edge that is appreciated by realizing that it is not a phone with a screen curve It's also not in hand, but on smooth surfaces it's another song. Fortunately, the back cameras that protrude from the body help us to maintain some grip even if they do not help stability by not being centered. Convenient in hand and pocket, when in use it is aesthetically sober and not very clean. It's a summary we could make from this Motorola One to Motorola and Lenovo.

LCD and & nbsp; Tradition and Trend in one place

Motorola One model analysis

Trends are what they are, and those who go against them have a problem that tends to save themselves, whether temporarily or permanently. At this time, the mobile market is moving towards OLED, whether plastic or super, curved or flat, and the LCD starts to criticize the rain somewhat unjustified, especially those that concern the depths of their blacks. Something that rejected high-quality models. On the other hand, we have eyebrows or "cuts" that attack the sector, and it is almost impossible to avoid, with the exception of certain brands. In Motorola One, we find it all compressed into a single phone.

5.9 inches with a "cut", maybe too many to play in the HD + league

Here we are talking The LTPS LCD panel, which reaches 5.9 inches diagonally, although it stands in front of a phone that measures only 15 centimeters. The frameless charm of frames is that the panel is even more extended due to the above eyebrows. The on-screen display is up to 19: 9 and the HD + resolution is a bit closer and comes from a high 1440 pixels from 18: 9 mobile phones to 1,520 pixels. The center of the top of the panel is of course impractical. It's the reason for the front camera.

Motorola One has a good screenIt will not be the best in resolution or purity, or the best in color representation, but of course it's a good screen. We have an Android One phone in front of us, so the settings are what they are, and you have to deal with the configuration the model brings from the factory. A configuration that offers slightly saturated colors and has a good level of brightness, although sometimes, like sunlight, we miss the next shot we see in other top models and of course in several OLEDs.

Color settings on your Motorola One Color settings on your Motorola One

Here is the only thing we can do is to activate or deactivate the night light mode that can be programmed and which colors the orange tones screen theoretically in order for our eyes to rest and little. But we have a screen that responds well to the tactile level that offers a good immersion experience in subtitles adapted to its length and which, Do not do too much compared to other aspects of the phone.

If pixel density is not a big chapter for us, the One screen flies high. But if it does, it leaves a bittersweet taste.

However, it has a failure that needs to be emphasized, and that is the fact that its distinction remains rather short, because we move around 285 pixels per inch. What little if we talk about a phone with these features and pricing, rather than betting on FullHD +, even though it had an impact on the overall autonomy of the phone and maybe the overall performance.

It also has good angles of view and you have to tilt the phone a lot to appreciate the color aberration and loss of contrast, so we can work with it without problems, even with a little bit removed. Generally, the screen still has its gray points, and If the resolution is not a serious problem for usThe problem is, as usual, the level at which competition moves, and here we can meet a slightly lower average. Of course, everyday day does not appear.

Versatile Snapdragon 625 returns to charging

Motorola One model analysis

Years do not stay in vain, and Snapdragon 625 is in circulation for some time. Enough to replace it with Qualcomm 626, which even did not have its circulation or 63X series models that seem to be part of the background when it should be the opposite. However, Google knows what is playing, and even if we come across Snapdragon 625 in this, the system is responsible for being still fluid, we feel by browsing the system that we are in front of an excellent phone.

It also helps to have 4GB of RAM that keeps many applications open in the background, even though they have to face the classic shutters of their own system. Everyday use of the phone is nice, everything works at a sufficient speed and probably also contributes to low resolution of the device. But the truth is At system level, everything is fineFrom common operations to multitasking, and even when using two split screen applications.

Although the system works great, the most demanding games choose the colors of Snapdragon 625, which already feel the transition of age

With normal apps and games that understand "normal" as undemanding, it will become the same. Titles are opening at good speed, although some may have a bit more than a bill, especially when we are ahead of more "awkward" graphics engines such as Unity or Unreal, and when they open, it also runs smoothly. Apps, exactly the same, even scrolling in applications that handle large amounts of data. Everything seems to be fine … until we have to press the system, and the system puts us on our site.

A year ago, software was much less demanding. Two years ago, even less. Things have changed today because they have always changed and the most leading titles call us to move to a more advanced processor. Clash Royale or Hearthstone will cause the phone to suffer. Snapdragon 625 feels a bit older with a bit more "hardcore" titles and here we have no RAM help. The Adreno 506 comes where it comes and we obviously notice that this Motorola One is a medium-line phone and even less. At the benchmark level, as we will see below, feelings are more or less identical.

Motorola One model analysis
Motorola One
Moto G6 Play
Nokia 6.1
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite


Snapdragon 625
Snapdragon 430
Snapdragon 630
Snapdragon 626
Snapdragon 625


4 GB
3 GB
3 GB
4 GB
4 GB



Geekbench (mono / multi)

856 / 4,206
632 / 2,282
864/4 293
864 / 4.304

3DMark (Icestorm)

13 760

PCMark (Work 2.0)


It's worth it stop the bit in the fingerprint reader, which Motorola places on the back, centered on the width and moved up. The fingerprint reader, which evolved with respect to previous generations, responds much faster and more accurately. Especially because we tried them with slightly wet fingers to find out what we could offer.

The position is completely natural with the phone grip and unlocking the phone is very fast. In less than half a second, the phone is free from his eyes. If we add to it NFC chip for mobile payment authorization, and that Motorola One comes with prepaid Google Pay service, we have a highly competent biometric phone, which is always valued due to the price range it is marketed. Mobile payments for everyone or almost for everyone.

3000 mAh, is it enough?

Motorola One model analysis

One of the biggest doubts when choosing a cell phone is its autonomy, so we usually look at battery capacity and, if we have some experience, we compare it to the screen size. Logically, the component that generates more power on your mobile phone. Although there several factors that play an important role in terms of autonomysuch as hardware and software optimization, and even mobile coverage of the area we are in.

We are in One internal battery 3,000 mAh, which can not be removed as with most existing phones, and you will need to power a 5.9-inch panel. Although its resolution attracts the hand to reduce power even though it stands in front of the LCD panel and not one of the OLEDs, which are now popular with a few manufacturers.

3,000 mAh seems short on paper, but it resists every day

Motorola One Motorola has offered us a pleasant experience despite having promised reduced autonomy on paper. With average use and maintenance of most of the day under WiFi networks we moved approximately six hours of screen useEnough time to resist all-day work and even leave the remaining battery for the next day.

Save the battery on your Motorola One

With an aggressive test, either dedicating time to more demanding games and applications, or spending part of the day outside of WiFi, and subordinating data network uncertainties, autonomy has fallen to offer us less than 5 hours of screen, Also endure the day, but here without excesses. If we are more active users, we may have problems returning home with the phone.

The best of this battery is in your charging system: Turbo Power.

Fortunately, we have a fast-charging system typical for the company, the development of fast CPU charging 3.0. With Motorola's TurboPower technology, we can return the full charge of the phone in just 1:15 minutes, though the first one will be key. With only 20 minutes of charging, approximately 40% of the total energy is restored, which allows us to disconnect additional hours from the connector.

The defect, although many do not have to be considered as such, is that we are not using a glass telephone, which seems to be a habit, to include wireless charging. The absence of metal should encourage the location of this system recharging, practical, although slower than charging cables, but we can not find it in Motorola One. Something for every user, but it's a gray point for us.

Android One, like Google

Motorola One model analysis

Over the years, Google has been adding more and more manufacturers to installing their operating system without layers or ingredients, but the biggest step forward is Android One. Motorola added two of her phones, One and One Power, despite that the Chinese manufacturer did not make the system for a while,

Motorola One comes with us without dirt, impurities that are seen as something that helps to minimize the experience Google has created for Android. Yes, in version 8.1, because jump on Android Pie has not yet been made, although the phone will soon be given. One force has already begun its own round of updates.

Few things like Android as a clean version of your system for Android. Fluidity without overload.

Still, we managed to find some details "touched" by Motorola, for example the gesture system that is part of the phone, allowing us to shake the phone and turn on the flashlight or turn the phone on quickly to take a shot. We also have other enhancements, such as Dolby Audio, configurable from our own phone application.

But ultimately, Motorola One offers a totally pure Android experience, and it is always appreciated especially on phones with hardware that is likely to feel more time than others. Motorola One, however, has a lot of life without layers that overload its use. Recall that you should get at least to Android Q and maybe Android R?

Let's see how these cameras are.

Motorola One model analysis

Today is a rare cell phone that does not offer a double camera at the back and some models naturally transmit it to the front. Motorola One is no exception and here the lenses on the back are duplicated, and we get the effect that more and more users are looking for in this type of system: Selective blur. Bokeh, Unfocused background.

Motorola One has, in particular, 13 megapixel sensor and 2 megapixel secondary sensor, solely responsible for reading the depth. Here we do not have optical zoom or other benefits associated with secondary sensors, only with a camera designed to read the second plane so that the software of the phone can work with as much information as possible. And the truth is that the job is relatively good to be medium-term. A model that is really competitive at the photographic level.

Motorola One model analysis
Light Analysis Motorola One
Motorola One model analysis
Motorola One model analysis
Motorola One model analysis

With Motorola One, we can create highly defined photos and bright colors when there is plenty of light. The capture is fast, the edges are clean and we can afford a certain degree of magnification, always digital, until the defects seem to impose a 13 megapixel sensor that goes beyond its usual limits. Removing the phone from your pocket and shooting becomes almost a habitbecause the focus is fast and seldom move or focus. Motorola has worked well on these little details that enhance the experience of using a mobile camera. In addition, the phone has good dynamic range control and resists burning of the darkest or lightest areas of the photo.

Motorola One model analysis
Motorola One model analysis
Motorola One model analysis
Motorola One model analysis

Blur, which is easy to activate from the Motorola One's interface, is also high quality and lets you set it with a three-level slider. Except for any occasion where there was confusion over blurring due to too many aircraft or objects, One shows us close ones very well identified, There are no serrated edges or too much background blur. Of course, we also have a panoramic mode, the results of which have been fairly standardized on the market, and the possibility of setting certain cuts in the photo when it is taken and not later. How to make them square.

Motorola One model analysis
Motorola One model analysis
Motorola One model analysis

When the light drops, something happens that we have already expected the quality to fall. Without the light, the authentic blood of the photographs, the restrained telephones were hesitant, and a little more expensive. The focus will become somewhat unstable and the noise does not look long, the images are captured with fewer revolutions and are therefore more blurred. There are also difficulties in shaping light sources such as local lights, street lamps or vehicle lights. But we expected everything to be worse with the specifications in hand, and Motorola One is better than it is in theory.

We've achieved front cameras, an 8-megapixel sensor that lets us play something in terms of slices, but with the software of the phone offering selective blur. Yes, also in Motorola One we have a front bokeh even though we have one camera, although its processing is somewhat more irregular than the back blur, perhaps due to its own AI phone. This is a blur that we can activate or deactivate as desired, just switching from normal mode to Portrait mode and working well with the edges even though the background is too strong and gives a sense of artistry. Motorola does not work the same way as the two lenses, and here it is clear.

Motorola One model analysis
Motorola One model analysis

As for phone software, Motorola does not offer a very interesting application in photographic affairs. As we have already mentioned, we have different ways of taking pictures, such as portraits or panoramas, and we can easily switch from the rear camera to the front camera. Without optical zoom, the camera interface is somewhat cleaner and everything is quite intuitive though, as we say, nothing is remarkable. The right camera application, with no additional and almost all available options.

The camera of this Motorola One or a more accurate camera team does not get through history because of its quality, but it shows that mid-range phones can work at a good level without sacrificing too much. And when honest, Those responsible for this were not easy for their competitors, Good camera and no bruises, we always recognize the price level and specifications we are in.

Sound and Dolby

Motorola One model analysis

We pay attention to the screens of mobile phones and cameras, but the audio section is just as important. Good sound can increase your phone's level when watching videos, whether it's own, or series, movies, or other content streaming. Bad video can ruin the experience and make us feel uncomfortable. For the Motorola One, the experience was somewhat gray,

Dolby sound does not help to increase the experience of the speakerphone, but leaves the headphone output at a good level

Yes, we have a Dolby sound system, but the most striking is headphone output. EThe speaker, although sounding in good volume, tends to distort when we come close to its maximum expression and that tests have been done with different sound qualities. However, as we have said, experience changes when we talk about headphones.

Dolby sound on Motorola One

Here we have good sound and good sound, something that can be appreciated by higher budget headphones, but of course this 3.5-millimeter stroke does not work wonders. Despite all, a good experience with headphones, also with Bluetooth alternatives. Simply, pretty decent with headphones, normal on the speakerThat's a tall thing, is not it?

Motorola One, the Xataka view

Motorola One model analysis

At the end of this analysis, we have arrived and it is necessary to review each section and issue our conclusions. The Motorola One has almost everything to succeed, but it also has some gray in everything that concerns its operation. Mainly for a processor that records the passage of time and that despite being competitive, he is no longer able to measure in the most demanding situations.

The construction is more than right, the phone is nice and elegant and seems to be quite durable We'll have problems with dirt and fingerprints, a problem for the most demanding users. But it's comfortable in hand and pocket, and it almost does not look like it's 6 centimeters in length, partly thanks to the reduction of frames and "cutouts".

Without being perfect, the Motorola One offers good experiences and becomes one of the phones that you lack

Regarding cameras, good at night with light and normal, with good blur and also correct color management. At night, all phones are losing Motorola One even though it's a little less than a good part of its competitors. The front camera also plays a good level be in the middle of the line.

In short, a mobile that surprised us forever, and despite its shortcomings, knows how to play cards and emphasize his virtues, Of course, he will become one of his recommended assortment despite his difficult competition. Perhaps the Motorola One will not go into any of its specifications in history, but it's a fairly balanced mobile phone, and a little that reduces its price may end up with a good deal of back sales. Good work, Motorola.









  • Android One, no doubt
  • Fast charging of Turbo Power
  • Good design despite the tracks
  • NFC and footprint, mobile payments turned on


  • The processor is somewhat "bigger"
  • The camera can be improved
  • The resolution is short

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