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Rossi sums up three points

With the record of 1m26s969, the driver Del Viso stood up before the last classification of the year and added key units for the championship. Juan Jos Ebarln surprised the end of the action and finished second. Facundo Ardusso was in charge of the tip seal.

Friday's times disappeared when the first qualifying group came to the track. Car speed has improved and records have improved. Matas Rossi (Ford) ratify what happened on the first day in San Nicols and I broke all the clocks. With a mark 1m26s969, the Del Viso pilot sticks to the top of the table.

Until the last group remains, Facundo Ardusso (Torino), which was in second place. However, Jos Ebarln (Chevrolet) left all with open mouth and moved to second place. Pilot Las Parejas ends third.

At the same time, Jonatan Castellano (Dodge) step in the classification and stick to the fourth placement, the remaining 0s327, who commissioned the event. Meantime, Norberto Fontana (Chevrolet) finished with a superb 5 on Rossi 0s332 and closed the quintet forward.

Matas Rossi (1) v Masters from Continental Radio: "Today, we were able to make better use of tires and improve time. We have to look for a balanced car. It is very difficult to create a stick and for us it gives us great satisfaction"

Juan Jos Ebarln (2): "Pretty excited. Many victims are doing. This partial result leaves me very happy. I have a potential brbaro this weekend. Tomorrow I'm looking for my career and I have a good personal result"

Facundo Ardusso (3): "The illusion we had was to steal Rossi's three points, but he's very solid and changed. There are many points in the game, and I believe we can shorten this gap"

Jonatan Castellano (4): "Happy We could jump in quality. The track is a bit more difficult, but the joy of team work. The car still works very well"

Emiliano Spataro (6): "We have a great car and it was good. It is good to start the series with Ardusso"

Leonel Perna (7): "We're improving when it's going to cost the others, and it will strengthen us tomorrow"

Mariano Werner (8): "We're going to work tomorrow. You do not have to blame anything, you just have to work, nothing else"

Agustn Canapino (12): "I'm a little better than yesterday. We are among 12, starting in the second row of the series. We have the chance to be Chevrolet's best tomorrow. It's a limit"

Classification – Road tourism – Day 15 – San Nicols

115ROSSI, MATAS701: 26,969
226EBARLN, JUAN JOS501: 27,1480.179
32ARDUSSO, FACUNDO601: 27,2300.261
49CASTELLANO, JONATAN601: 27,2960.327
519FONTANA, NORBERTO501: 27.3010,322
610SPATARO, EMILIANO701: 27.3090.340
736PERNA, LEONEL801: 27,3220.353
868WERNER, MARIANO601: 27,3860.417
97URCERA, JOS MANUEL801: 27,5070.538
10157BENEDICTIS, JUAN B501: 27,5760.607
1127GIANINI, JUAN PABLO601: 27,5780.609
121CANAPINO, AGUSTN601: 27.6170.648
134LEDESMA, CHRISTIAN701: 27,6190.650
14133AGUIRRE, VALENTN601: 27.6240.655
1522SANTERO, JULIN501: 27,6360.667
165MAZZACANE, GASTN601: 27,6560.687
1724PONCE DE LEN, GABRIEL901: 27.6880.719
1812ORTELLI, GUILLERMO701: 27,7380.769
196LAMBIRIS, MAURITIUS601: 27,7500.781
20111SILVA, JUAN MANUEL601: 27,8240.855
2163BONELLI, PRSPERO601: 27,8950.926
22116RUGGIERO, ALAN601: 27.9150.946
233DI PALMA, LUIS JOS701: 27,9410.972
2432GONZLEZ, NICOLS901: 27.9600.991
25101UGALDE, LIONEL901: 27.9871,018
26124PEZZUCCHI, NICOLS401: 28,0141,045
2775ALAUX, SERGIO901: 28,0591090
2888TROSSET, NICOLS701: 28,0801.111
2999JALAF, MATAS901: 28.0821,113
3014GINI, ESTEBAN801: 28,1101,141
3153CATALN MAGNI, JUAN TOMS701: 28,2321,263
3255MANGONI, SANTIAGO301: 28,2351,266
3398BONELLI, NICOLS601: 28.2431,274
34113VENTRICELLI, LUCIANO701: 28,3911,422
35144SAVINO, JOS IGNACIO601: 28,4031,434
3644DIRUSCIO, SEBASTIN801: 28,4291,460
3779NOLESI, MATHAS601: 28.5211,552
3817MORIATIS, EMANUEL801: 28,5621,593
398TRUCCO, JUAN MARTN801: 28,6501,681
4037DE CARLO, DIEGO701: 29,2512,282
4143DOSE, CHRISTIAN601: 29,3322,363

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