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S & P Merval operates in a smaller wheel at a low level; country risk, stable

The Argentina's S & P Merval (BYMA) stock index lost 0.3% to 33,785 units, where the 3% decrease recorded in Cablevisión was highlighted.

Since Monday, stock indices of the local stock exchange have securities S & P added an agreement with S & P Dow Jones,

The measure would increase the visibility and feasibility of working in these documents either directly or through indexes, the ETF or other tools of stressed operators.

"It is clear that a better healing climate leads to finding opportunities for correction, and in this game, Argentine risk – which, in our opinion, was punished – is the choice," said Pablo Castagna, director of Portfolia Personal Inversiones.

The analyst warned that "this does not mean we should consider some points between which we would not be exempted from corrections, in the form of profits, in the midst of recovery, and we will continue to see if the rally will continue to deepen, which is likely."

Argentine shares on Wall Street

On the other hand, Argentine shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange are moving without homogeneous trend with spreads and declines, in a round where Wall Street's main indicators are at a low level, following an unexpected decline in Chinese exports, has raised fears of a slowdown in world economic growth.

Increases in Argentinean documents stand out IRSA (+ 4.6%); and Cresud (+ 1.4%), while major losses are recorded Pampa Energia (-1.8%); and Tenaris (-0.7%).

China's trade concerns have raised concerns that US tariffs on US products are damaging the world's second-largest economy, which has already led companies such as Apple Inc to issue a warning about their earnings.

Dow Jones Industrial Average declined by 0.2%; while the S & P 500 declined by 0.3%. The Nasdaq Composite Index lost 0.6%.

Bonds and country risk

In the fixed income segment, the major dollar bonds (which are quoted in the pesos) operate with differences, while the US currency is quiet on the stock market.

Among the most operated, Bonar 2024 provides 0.3%; Bonar 2020 reaches 0.3%, while the Argentinean Law Discounts Act is unchanged.

From his side Argentina's country risk measured by JP Morgan, which declined by one unit 702 basis points.

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