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Sadness at Casilda for a family who died in a traffic accident Chronicle

It will be very difficult for the city of Santa Fe Casilda to recover from the tragic death of five members of the Cervigni family. Five of them lost their lives on Friday the 26th, fell on the Rosario-Córdoba highway at night, and crushed the car they traveled to. The whole family returned from saying goodbye to the eldest son who left for the same night in Europe.

NahuelThe oldest son of 27 years was admitted a few months ago as a doctor and organized a family meeting on Friday night to say goodbye because he would try to get lucky in Europe. The meeting was his father Fabricio, 50, who was president of a local delegation of the Argentine Agrarian Federation, his wife Sonia Bertoldo, also 50, and his sister Carolina, dated 17

After saying goodbye, both parents and sister decided to return to their town. With them, Fabricia's parents and Nahuel's grandparents traveled with them, Angel Cervigni, 76 years, a Olga Fagiani, of 74. In this way, they decided to walk on the Rosario-Córdoba highway during Saturday morning hours.

The truck was driven by the first man J.P., native of Lomas de Zamora. The police investigators of the Santa Fe police still could not solve how the separation of cargo was caused.

A few months ago, Cervigni was appointed local president of the Agrarian Federation. His father was also associated with the activity a few decades ago and the family became known in rural Casilda.

Mayor, Juan José Sarasola, expressed on Saturday by La Capital, the dismay of most of the nearly 40,000 inhabitants of Santa Fe.

"We are all shaken and shocked by what has happened, truth, there are no words of comfort in the face of so much pain.", reflects the mayor.

It was remarkable that the number of people who came to the waiting room to express their pain and condolences to those who are close to them by performing transit operations. The sad news shook the Casilda community. People gathered on Saturday afternoon when five bodies came. Also on Sunday morning, the procession to the cemetery occupied several blocks.

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