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Finally, Sarmiento was confirmed at the top of the first National B tournament after defeating Arsenal 2-0 on yesterday in wrestle corresponding to the tenth day of the competition; meeting which ended after being interrupted by a power failure on Tuesday night.
It should be remembered that on Tuesday, our whole city Leonarda Villalbu used the lead in the 38th minute, but the power cut prevented him from playing in the last nine minutes of the game. meeting,
In this way, the match resumed on Wednesday, and when there were two minutes remaining, Nicolás Orsini from the penalty kick scored a second victory so that Sarmiento took the top of the table with this victory.
In an unusual context, where meeting was four times a dispute, a tactical leader Ivan Delfino He was an honest winner because he knew how to read the game better.
IN wrestle On Tuesday night, Arsenal had a better ball, good delivery, bigger hold, but with this proposal Rondina did not create a danger for the goal defended by Manuel Vicentini.
On the side Green, if there is something that identifies the file Delfino it's order, delivery, patience and efficiency. With these features, Sarmiento He knew how to wait for his chances, he made them specific and ended up winning a special match, but he gained three points.
WITH Victory, the whole city is an indisputable leader B National and on 11 will be the tip for a visit to Defensores de Belgrano, on Sunday 25th November at 17:00. Meanwhile, good times are celebrating.

Delfino: "The team did a good job"
Yesterday, after completing the match, which determined 2 to 0 for Green, the coach Iván Delfino He spoke with the press and praised the good timing. In this regard he said, "Generally speaking, I think the team did well work and I think we ended up victorious. We went back to patience, work on the order, and fortunately, we're done. In the first half we came up with a goal and I think we could control that difference. "
Finally, he finished, he added: "For the analysis of today's (yesterday's) it is totally complicated, it was known that they are obliged to go on a draw and did so with many center and pelotazosFortunately, we could well control that. Importantly, the result helps us to continue adding. "

Deferred and some progress is being played
This Saturday at 17:00 Ferro will take central Córdoba from Santiago del Estero with referee Jorge Broggi in meeting which was postponed to date six first B national,
Meanwhile, Chacarita will be local gymnastics and Jujuy fencing with Sebastian Rancigli on Sunday at 19.15 as the referee who was suspended on the eighth day with the remaining 83 minutes of play and will be played in two seasons 42 and 41 minutes.
Also on Monday at 17:00 Deportivo Morón and Ramón Santamarina de Tandil with Bruno Bocca as the main referee play meeting which was left on the tenth date competition promotion.
In addition, two will take place at the weekend matches corresponding to the twelfth day ending on the first day of December.
On Sunday, November 18, at 5:00 pm, Guillermo Brown from Puerto Madryn Villa Dalmine arrives at the Racing de Trelew stadium with Judge Pedro Argañaraz and on Monday, May 19, at 17:00. Nueva Chicago will be home to Agarpecuario Carlosa Casares with Diegem Ceballos as Judge and live television on TyC Sports cable signal.

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