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Should we use a chin or not? Experts contradict – 01.11.2019

Using the Chain Belt of the Epuyen populations is not an indisputable rule between doctors and officials. Healthy employees from Chubut assure you Clarin which are not essential, while the provinces emphasize its usefulness as a personal care tool.

Meanwhile, stronger chin straps are depleted in the Comarca of Andorra and when they were sold, they cost 400 pesos and up to 500 pesos per unit, explains local residents.

The strongest hygiene precautionary measures in the Epuyen, established by the Chubut Department of Safety, are concentrated in the upper part of the city, where approximately 2500 inhabitants live. They include isolation and routine control of the families they were infected with.

Every day, a team of 20 people from the health areas of the province goes to main districts such as Rinconada and 28 homes where most cases have been registered. Professionals take note of body temperature, control their physical and mental state.

According to the municipality, there are 50 people who remain in sight but only 28 consider themselves to be at high risk, "We have identified all those who have been in contact with the infected," they explain from the care center that was installed in the local community culture.

Recommendations are contradictory in Epuyen. On the one hand, the Chubut province and police issue a warning about the need to deploy a thick mask and repeatedly wash their hands with alcohol.

However, health ministry experts told Clarin that wearing street armpits was "useless" and "exaggerated". "The virus is not in the air, and the infected have already been identified and are in home jail," said an official who did not want to make an official statement.

The truth is that those sent by the Provincial Ministry of Health care about the population with their faces uncovered.

Chubut police patrols rose on the streets, even though agents admit they are not too convinced of what they are watching. "They sent us to be supervised, but I do not know what we are watching, it would have to be consulted with my superior," Officer Clarin admitted.

In the neighborhoods of Epuyen there is no so-called "Provincial" protection plan, "quarantine" and a sanitary barrier. No markers, ambulances or specialists in the corner, as one could bring attractiveness to the Netflix series.

Neighbors say that what they hear in radio on hygiene measures does not match what's going on in real life. "What plan? Nobody came here," says a neighbor from the upper area. "The truth is, I'm not with any doctor in the province," explains other residents of the lake area. "There were doctors and people from Malbrand, but they did not give us a lot of balls," says another neighbor.

Special grandparents Micaela Troncoso (14), the first minor who died in Epuyen and who was infected at a party on November 3, was not examined by a doctor. This is despite the fact that Atilio Troncoso even came without a mask accompanied by his granddaughter in intensive Esquel therapy.

"What we do is right, cases have been isolated, controlled and we are sure the infection will disappear, "Chubut says.

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