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"ShowMatch 2019": Wanda Nara, Victim of "Insoportable", with Diego Pérez and José María Listorti

Wanda Nara, "Unbearable" Victim (Video: "ShowMatch" – Thirteen)

Humor returned to television with a new season ShowMatch José María Listorti and Diego Pérez They traveled to Milan to make a classic sketch Unbearable next to Wanda Nara,

"Not a single salamin in all of Milan"Perez started and confused his wife Mauro Icardi with La Cicciolin: "I'm Wanda, don't you remember me?" Zaira's sister "she said, but she asked her what her relationship was Maxi López,

The blonde said she was working as her husband's manager and that she was "doing numbers". "Oh, they're made of iron, you give the nine iron.Perez said, and when Listorti asked him where his partner would play, she said she didn't know she would decide.

When he said he worked as a sports commentator on Italian television, Pérez laughed: "Commentator! What's left for Pagani, for Bonadeo? " Far from silence, she said, "The woman's appearance is interesting." The oldest of Nara said she would "fall in love" to return to Argentina and continue her career. "What race?"

Later, the model said how her everyday life was, among children, schools and work … Al Unbearable he was little interested in asking for his age: "Forty and how many? With all the clothes you have, you should give an American fair."

When he said goodbye, José María thanked him and Wanda greeted Tinelli with great affection: "I'm sending you a huge kiss, you deserve the best. You are big, because you work for many Argentines, You are a great job generator and it is highly prized in the country as Argentina, That you will continue with this heart, which makes you great ".

Otherwise, the humorists closed their classic hose to release the interviewee: "Andá!,

"We were satisfied with this note, we traveled the world in places where we didn't think we knew We have not stopped telling anecdotes when we came, and that is what we owe in these thirty years ShowMatch I hope it's been 60 years, "said José María, very excited.

Then Diego spoke: "The same thing, I knew Mar del Plata, and so I found myself traveling all over the world and we all created a big family." We remember very much that you gave us a great opportunity, first. And 30 years later we make notes, thank you forever. I appreciate the opportunity to give us a laburo for so many children we love so much.,

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