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Silvio Romero: "Holan is an open coach"

In recent days, controversy has grown Independent of AvellanedaIt was that a few former Red Red criticized the ways of working Ariel Holan, Emmanuel Gigliotti and Jons Gutirrez, among other things, they attacked former Deffens and Justice coaches because they both left the institution very politically. Another case was Silvio Romero, before Independiente. Dialogue with Radio La Red and emphasized the values ​​of its Technical Director.

In the first place, Silvio emphasized the role of Holan in cast Avellaneda's actor: "We know what Ariel means, the relationship we have, the players who left, did so, the sale, he made a great semester and he had a chance to progress and how he and the club decided that many things are spoken, but today, the relationship we have with the technical director is very good.

Meanwhile, he spoke in advance about the sale of Gigiliotti. "It's a personal problem, it does not bother me, it's the kind of personality Puma is, and it's Ariel, I can tell you I'm not bothered personally." Ariel is an open coach who talks a lot with the player who is Close and at the time of the decision, take them. Some may or may not, but they have to fulfill this role as DT, then they stay in us to accept them or not. The team has to continue with this power, Puma has achieved many goals in this semester and we hope to perform the tasks of the club and the coach, "said Cordobs.

Romero added: "I feel very good, I'm happy and I feel valuable, I'm in a great club, one outside has no dimension how big it is to be independent, live the gift we live in, win the title, people recognize you despite the inconsistency, I'm very happy where I am. "

Before the departure of Puma, a 30-year-old striker believes he will take his place. "I feel good and want to play all the matches, the inside competition is there, there are plenty of companions who can play in my place, feel comfortable playing inside, I have the character of the center forward, it is thought to start playing the semester", Silvio has condemned.

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