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So Bethesda sanctions homophobic attacks in Fallout 76

How Bethesda sanctions homoponic attacks in Fallout 76After a painful incident involving a group of boys who had been attacked by other players during verbal attacks, Bethesda He made his point very clearly to those who do not know how to behave in his last game.

The story was as follows: The player whose name is NathanTheHicc came to Aju, the boys from Chicago who were with his two friends to ask for treatment inside Fallout 76, something very common for this kind of online games; However, Nathan was upset when he was told that his character's dressing room was "cute" and departed from them while he shouted that this kind of "homo stuff" was not according to his wishes (in words).

Then Nathan returned with reinforcements to eliminate the Aj group, something that despite being annoying has happened and is part of the multiplayer experience. The problem is that bullets have combined homophobic verbal aggression through voice chat. It was a very unpleasant situation that reflects one of the worst parts that unfortunately remains very topical and powerful in society. Then AJ was looking for ways to tell Bethesda, which turned out to be less easy, and it turned out they should improve their support system for users.

The attackers published this unfortunate incident in their account Bethesda Twitters helped them, I told Eurogamer that it is not easy to record video in a format that requires the message to be valid. You can see this video in a message that the user left in the social network.

Bethesda He took note of the matter and punished Nathan, the primitive user we've heard he is throwing so much stupidity, with a ban on playing for three days. Nathan, however, was proud of what he had done enough to record a video on his YouTube channel showing what he called "Limpia de maricones". In addition, he added the following:

"My version of the incident is more or less the same as the public knows, the only difference is that I do not hate homosexuals. It was just the evening evening that we had fun and after the first encounter (seen on my channel) it was fun to hurt them in some way They may think it's evil but I think it's just immature I do not want to regret the incident I would not want to apologize if I had an opportunity I do not intend to do something like that in the future but it was not planned, I just found them and decided to do it. "

Then the three-day sentence was transformed into a permanent ban Fallout 76,

After the end of such an ugly matter, Bethesda and all online gaming companies should pay attention to the rules and tools that allow interaction, as the player's audience is the broadest and most diverse that may exist. Online games have long since ceased to be new, but even Blizzard, who has in his ranks and World of Warcraft for 14 years failed to protect users.

Do you have any bad experiences with homophobia or racism in online games? What do you think are the titles where these cases occur the most?

Source: Eurogamer

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