Sol Pérez retweet a message that offended Ángel de Brito and the driver did not allow it to go

While they are not friends and have several public intersections, this time slizing began when De Brito gave zero to the choreography of Sol Pérez's accuracy rhythm.

She remained very nervous about the program and saw the tweet against what the jury had done, did not hesitate again.

"If Angel gave zero for what BAR demanded, I would put one minus, it is a bloody … Sun, genius!" He told the message the model was approving when sharing.

De Brito was clear and strong with his answer: "Remember me, @SolPerez to give you -1, thanks for doing it … Then you went off and stepped back."


Sol Pérez liquidated a video with Angel de Brito who abused her, but the jury denied everything and accused her of posters

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