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Soledad Fandiño strongly admitted her ex

Soledad Fandiño He was surprised several times when he talked about a joke that was very jealous and forbade him to do things.

The dance participant gave an interview about a very sad episode that she lived with a former partner. In the interview he mentioned victory against Esmeraldo Miter and told the hard experience.

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As he suggested, the former partner told him how to behave. "Someone tells you that you can not get on your classmates' cars because they are men, it's not love," he said.

He added: "This is another thing that has to do with control, with uncertainty." And she explained, "I was a girl, and I thought it was love, she believed she would take care of it, that it showed her confidence. That's not good, and I was wrong."

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"If I say this today, it's so that the younger girls do not go and they know it's not love," he concluded.

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