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Spyro Reignited Trilogy, flameless dragon

The upbeatness of his invaluable Spider-Man PS4, undoubtedly a Goty 2018 candidate and one of the best and funniest games of the kind and superhero sub-genre, Insomniac is one of those studies that soon one / a Conversely think about it, realizing that he has half his life alongside. Like Naughty Dog, Insomniac gave the Sony IP console from 4 different generations: Spyro on PSone, Ratchet & Clank on PS2 – While it continued on all other PlayStation consoles, including laptops, Resistance to PS3 and the above-mentioned Spider-Man on PS4.

Platforms and dragons

After his first match, which Disruptor received well but did not sell, Insomniac hit the spyro with third platforms he played a Pixar 90s dragon and has already exhibited his own stamp – blowing, imagination, color, entertainment – that the studio would cover all his works – except Resistance, a good FPS trilogy, but in which you do not exactly laugh. In 1998, Spyro was born a character who passed through several publishers in 20 years, almost all systems from the 5th to the 8th generation (with unequal wealth) and it was the birthplace of the first really successful toys to life: Skylanders.

But what we played in PS4 is not a new adventure of dragoncito. It is Absolute "Back to Basics," a joyful gathering of three games that spill the smell of a new 3D platform platform, a total return two decades ago, when the world was not so open, the maps were not flooded with icons, and life was as simple as jumping, burning sheep, chickens and trolls, searching for gems, dragon eggs and leaving to have fun rather than overstate.

Save good people and steal bad guys

For those who do not know Spyro or you know it but never played the original trilogy, there are the first three spyro games The adventures of third parties have focused on platforms and struggle with purely insomniac plots making it ideal for a very wide audience. Target eye, dragoncitos, small jumps and colors do not mean "just for kids". Simple observation, humor is constant and is greatly applied because, for example, the first Spyro begins with the filming of a documentary film in which slightly anthropomorphic dragons, living in the land of fantasy and portals, speak. And goth Gnasty Gnorc, a hand orc, turns them into a crystal when they hear they call it a nasty and a little dangerous opponent – Spiro is in the background, hunting for sheep.

Like many games of the previous generation and platform, the story remains in the background, applied in several scenes, because the power lies in a clean and hard game, although in Spyro 2 and 3, the team is getting bigger and we even control other than dragoncito. Divided into levels within the world, we have a large hub connected to small charges filled with the main goals – for example, in Spyro 1 is the Dragon Rescue – and secondary in the form of collectors' items – gems, gems everywhere, chests with hidden keys, dragon eggs In fact, there are bonus levels (free flight) in which the goal is to overcome challenges at some point in order to add more gems to the table for a simple surprise.

Although the game is more complex in Spyro 2 and 3, three games maintain a similar line and for many, sin will be "simple" compared to the current game. But beware, not because they do not have 50 sidequests and do not mix RPG with jumps and fights, you'll be giving them as a LEGO because it's in these titles where the "GAMER" bar is displayedFor a professional player, Spyro will not be difficult to overcome in general, but all three here and there are jumping to fight with; collectible items that you can not find and harass you with the 100% you want to achieve; closing heads; moments "okay, I'm lost and now what do I do?" And that is to achieve these things that make you smile, as well as the great remake of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy.

Old school

Average 6-7 hours in each delivery, complete Spyro Reignited Trilogy takes you between 18-20 hours. But that's the plan of "tira palante". To clear all secrets, perform secondary missions and get 100% in every world, those hours will double easily. A great element for feedback is the ability in every game to pause, look at the world in the list and teleport on site to the area that we do not have 100% to keep looking. The possibility that does not affect the duration and allows the rhythm of the game also does not suffer.

After something works, why do it change, a study of beaver toys that has three games of Skylanders in life and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for Switch, He used to play the right thing, which proves that Insomniac's work with the original trilogy has passed the test of time well. The game is the same, except for mapping the free camera to the right handle – Remember when the free camera was oriented in the PSone using the buttons on the remote control and not the poles? "Horror, horror …" In wide areas, a free camera is even an advantage, but in narrower areas it's a constant move, especially if we have to fight. The trick is to press the left trigger to move it down the stroke or to let it press and "capture" the camera behind the Spyr, even if it is a sharp turn and will need to be reset.

Management is perfect in its answer, there is no delay in the pulse Even in the air challenges we will feel how well Spyro flies. And it's the same, so if you're a veteran saga, it'll be like reminding your PSX games, in fact better, because the new mapping of some buttons allows it. Same with levels that have excellent coating but which basically the route is the same, only in the known visual environment, but also in the new one.

Turn on again

Visually, it is obvious that it is a lion's share of this remake. The study gained off the phase polygonal aspect of the low burden that games of the 5th generation suffer and have to convert from top to bottom, although it did not change, but it improved. The color is constant, the Spyro animations are great, in the airy areas the distance of the horizon is tangible, the game engine scenes are remodeled and everything looks very good. There is not much at the texture level, but the kit adds them based on the style of the game. Kudos the best: design characters and especially any dragon, because we went from the quasi-kiss of the first Spyro kites to the reworked dragons gallery and everything with clear personalities and the many details we admire.

And another great joy. Dabing to Spanish is good and worked, and BSO is the same as Stewart Copeland, with this record based on gElectric Umbrellas, Beats and Rock Percussion, only with a big increase: whenever we can stop the game, enter the menu and decide if we want to listen to the BSO as it was 20 years ago, or a reorganized version for a game that sounds great without losing the original notes

(Note: This analysis was performed with Activision's PS4 version code)

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