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9 November 2018 18:49:07

The red motorized wheelchair formerly used by Stephen Hawking sold more than $ 500,000 for a charity auction in London.

Key points:

  • Professor Hawking's many personal items and academic papers have been auctioned
  • Lots of the script included the The Simpsons
  • The proceeds were won by the Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Motor Neuron Disease Foundation

Items belonging to late physicist and repeating guest star on The Simpsons went under the hammer at auction Christie's Auction House on Thursday.

Professor Hawking, who lived with motor neuron disease, was restricted to a wheelchair for most of his career and required to communicate an electronic voice synthesizer. He died in March 2018.

The wheelchair he used in the late 1980s and early 1990s sold for more than $ 534,000 at an auction to raise money for the Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Motor Neuron Foundation.

He used a wheelchair while still having the ability to control hand movements, using a joystick to drive.

Hawking's irritated use of the wheelchair became legendary when he got through Prince Charles's fingers during a 1977 meeting.

It is said to be aimed at the fingers of anyone who upset him, the accusation that dealt with his humor.

"A reprehensible reputation," said Kitty Ferguson.

"I run over everybody who repeats it."

The letters and manuscripts belonging to Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein also came to market along with a number of Hawking Professors' essays, medals and awards.

Professor Hawking's 1965 dissertation, which sells for just over $ 1 million, is far higher than the $ 270,000 estimate.

The Time Party Invitation Party Professor Hawking, to prove that time travel does not exist, has sold over $ 20,000.

The buyers were also interested in the original scenario for The Simpsons in 2010, where Professor Hawking, who earned more than $ 11,000, plays.

Buyers placed their offers online, the auction turned out to be very popular.

"Stephen Hawking was a huge person in the world," says Thomas Venning, director of Christie's London books and manuscripts.

"He had this amazing ability to connect with people."

Professor Hawking was diagnosed with motor neuron disease at the age of 22, with doctors saying he only had a few years to live.

However, he went to live until he was 76 years old, with his death sad around the world at the beginning of this year.

Despite his illness, Professor Hawking has continued to revolutionize the theories of back holes and the origins of the universe, which featured immensely popular titles such as Brief History of Time.

His work not only remarked the world of science, but his sense of humor saw him become an icon of pop culture.

Professor Hawking's last book, A Quick Response to Big Questions, was launched last month.

His daughter, Lucy Hawking, said her father wanted to see unity in humanity.

"I think one thing that really concerns him is the nature of the challenges the world is facing now, global, and we are busy dividing, more and more shattered, increasingly divisive, more and more aggressive," she said.


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