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Tesla "weeks since death" this year

ELON Musk admitted that Tesla was dead in the weeks since the beginning of this year because he tried to meet the production targets of the sedan model.

When we talk Axios on HBO, the billionaire revealed how the tensions of the past year were charging tax on his physical and mental health.

"Tesla really faced this year's death threat due to the 3-stroke production ramp," he said. "We were in one-week weeks."

Musk said the company "bleeds money like a fool and if we did not solve these problems in a very short time, we would die and it was very difficult to resolve them."

After the loss of several time limits she set itself, Tesla finally reaches its production target of 5000 models 3 per week in the last seven days of June. Last month, the company reported its first quarterly profit since 2016, surprising analysts.

"I was working seven days a week, sleeping in a factory, I was in a paint shop, a general assembly, a motor show," said Musk HBO.

Asked if he was afraid of "harassing," Musk said, "Yeah, absolutely, no one should put as many hours of work, it's not good, people should not work hard, they should not do it. heart. "

Before Tesla hit its production target, it faced a $ 1 billion debt repayment, which is about $ 230 million due in November, without enough cash to make the company work.

"I've said before that we have to prove that Tesla can be profitable in a sustainable way," he told reporters during the last month's profit. "This quarter was an important step forward."

Musk informed customers who, in March 2016, paid for model 3 deposits, that the first Australian supplies would take place "around mid-2019".

After tax and import duties, the cheapest model 3 will be approximately $ 80,000, which is at the same level as the Mercedes-Benz C300 or the Audi A4 2.0 TFSI quattro.

The Executive CEO of the electric car has gone through a stormy year with personal and professional scandals.

As chairman last month, he resigned as part of a $ 40 million deal with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which claimed that musk had said in August that investors had cited a series of tweets suspected by investors, suggesting that he had funds to do so to accept the company as private.

Musk is also sued for defamation by British dive expert Vernon Unsworthe, who helped save Thai cave earlier this year because he called him "paedo guy" in an extraordinary attack on Twitter.

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