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"The Beatles, Farewell," Alfred Leuce

January 30, 2019

New editor Alfredo Leuco for "I give my Word"

John Lennon's genius was long hair in the wind, with hips and slippers. His historic glasses and the red-eyed Trotsky type, his trousers and a black T-shirt and a leather jacket he stole from Yoko Ona, is going to be a scandal among animal protectors today.

It was cold in London, especially on the Apple building's terrace, the Beatles recording bunker. There were four, and today exactly 50 years ago, the last live performance of these overpowering talents, was fulfilled.

The offspring was a 22-minute documentary and a legend that says George Harrison is threatening to leave the group, and that John said if it happened, he would bring Jimmy Hendrix or Eric Clapton.

I was only 14 years old and I remember the revolution that took place in school when we learned that the phlegmatic police had stopped the show because of a complaint about the unpleasant sounds from a neighbor who condemned the band that changed the history of music.

"Unpleasant sounds," called works of art such as Get Back or Do not Let Me Down. Excessive sobriety or excess of conservatism. Such an event occurred between chimneys, apartment windows and Czech attic and brick buildings in sight.

They have not been in Los Angeles since 1966. I just had a long game that in Noar, in a club where I played basketball, we listened to it until we used it: Revolver. Once they recorded their first album, the Beatles kicked off all the albums.

They say "please please me" was the first topic with an oral sex hint. Curiously, it was translated into Argentina as "please me". Glass Spinetta had gone crazy after listening. He was overwhelmed by so many poems, quality music, and the change that foretold the revolution. This heavenly group was made up of someone very earthly, but who is in heaven: John Lennon.

He made an unforgettable couple with Paul McCartney, with whom he gave birth to more than 200 songs. In this debut debut with the influence of Chuck Berry, half of the songs were composed of them.

In 1963, one of the murders most affected by the world, such as John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was also produced in the United States. I recall that I want to refer to another murder of another John, which caused John Lennon to scream all over the universe.

Sometimes I think his martyrdom was an asset that warned us that dinosaurs like Reagan or Thatcher, Putin, or Trump were not willing to give a chance a chance. This is why many of the Beatles believers and believers see Lennon as a kind of Jesus Christ who was crucified with six bullets in the middle of 72nd Street in New York, and that both his birth and his death announce new cultures and new behaviors here as in heaven.

It is true that his skinny and long-haired character led us to Jesus Christ. His angular face, his message and his sermon in the desert, the attitude of turning the other face, and the impressive scandal that arose when he was daring and provocative, said the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ.

We predicted a media company and millions of parishioners. And in each guitar they picked up the chapel and divided their round vinyl stamps that lifted the passion of the crowds at the stadiums.

In 1969, Lennon said, "We are all Jesus Christ and we are all Hitler, we are trying to make the word of the present Jesus Christ, we want Jesus to prevail." What would happen to the message of Jesus and Lennon if they had current social networks, twitter?

We still have blood that just remembers the murder that sheds global tears. That day, in those pimples that Lennon never did, we lived in the midst of state terror, and his death left us even more orphans.

Because Lennon was one of the founding fathers of our identity as a generation. Because it was one of the mighty rivers where the youngsters from all over the planet went to drink to become better people and change the world as it changes with the Beatles music as the soundtrack of the film.

With his behavior, the dynamite of the pacattery, with his crazy psychedelia, with the bangs of almost naive gaze from now on, with lysergic acid that sheds color brains. With Lennon, we dared to be ours.

Reject obedience in all its forms, break up the stiffness and undress all saints. Feeling sex as something common and wild, every day as a pleasure. See John and Yoko completely naked in this photo that we were hiding from our parents.

It's amazing what he did in such a short time. He only lived for 40 years. On the day he was born, the Germans shot the Liverpool bombs that the proletarian crib, orillery, football, and the port that gave birth to a fantastic 4.

I always wanted to think that these Nazi bombs were the greatest war cry that humanity had given and served as the painful baptism of Lennon, who avenged himself, imagining the greatest hymn of peace he sang and still singing the entire planet.

I do not forget that Lennon's mother was murdered by her eyes and was not accidentally a waitress at a coffeehouse on Penny Lane, a street that later became a symphony that sang at the last of the terraces. Little John Winston had to be brought up by his famous aunt Mimi, who one day, fortunately for all, bought his first guitar for 17 pounds.

John entered the open-hearted world of music that had been torn apart by Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and Ray Charles. At the School of Fine Arts John was very happy and debuted in the neighborhood of his first Quarrymen band, where he met a guitarist who was looking for them … one by Paul McCartney.

Can you find her? There was no shortage of skeptics who said, "Lennon and McCartney? No, I do not think it works, it will not go … School classmates have become the most famous and successful creative duo in history.

Lennon even later invented the name. He played with words and mixed Beat, which means rhythm with Beetle, which means beetle. And they became a strange mistake in a cave, an underground cave, where they grew up among the boxes of cheap fruit and moisture.

In a short time, they became the site of the World Heritage, Knights of the Order of the British Empire, a monarchic decoration that they later returned to remain popular kingdoms. The world surrendered at the feet.

The ultimate birth of the legend was caused by a cursed psychopath named Mark Chapman who emptied his 38 revolver onto the body of Lennon, who died as he wanted, in Yoko's arms, embracing his bloody body that stretched out on the street with the killer sitting on the rope waiting for the police to come.

That day, peace, human rights, heavenly music, earthly ethics and aesthetics throw a huge tear. Today, 50 years ago, Lennon and his friends played live for the last time. Eventually John glanced at the few present and said, "I hope we passed the test." I wanted to remember it.

"Vivos o pelotudos" by Alfred Leuco

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