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The Canadian diplomat came to Buenos Aires for the G20 and suffered a violent attack

Security reinforcements designed G20 failed to prevent them the violent attack was suffered by John Kirton, a Canadian academic expert to cover international summits, walking around the Luna Park Stadium around Puerto Madero.

Director of the G7 and G20 research group at Toronto University announced the episode via his Twitter account. "Be careful: I just survived with minor injuries on an attack on the corner of Lavalle and Madera, very close to the place where buses will go to the G20 summit. There was no security in the eyes, "he said, accompanying the text with the image of his wounded knee.

According to the story he made through social networks, on Sunday appeared half of the block from one of the top headquarters and very close to one police station. There, two people pushed him to the ground, but they could not rob him because the two women who accompanied him and fought the aggressors helped him. "The police simply said that" this is happening three times a day "and that it will not follow," he complained.

In this sense, warned all visitors to come to the country to join the G20, "not to go alone" rather than "trust local police officers"I did a few measures, but I expected Argentina to do more to secure its summit," he regretted.

We know the Argentine G20.

"After 31 G7 summits, 12 G20 summits and one of BRICS since 1988, my luck and host security ended up … Do not cry for me, crying for Argentina," wrote Kirton to finish his story.

John Kirton is a Canadian academician, professor of political science and director and co-founder of the G7 and G20 research group at the University of Toronto. He is also the founder and co-author of the Global Health Diplomacy Program and co-founder of the BRICS Research Group. Since 2016, he has worked as a temporary director of the International Relations Program at Trinity College of the same university.

It will be a public service plan within the G20 in the city.

The city is besieged. "Powerful, strong and reasonable" as defined by the Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich to a mega-cooperative he proposed for a meeting that brings together the most important heads of state in the world. More than 22,000 soldiers, 20 wagons, 120 pistols, 5 hydrants, 3 motor boats, and 20 motorcycles were assigned to this event in addition to special helicopters.

According to the government, more than four million dollars have been invested to prevent incidents. Among other expenses, the 120 Glock Guns are 82,718 USD; $ 58,000,000 5 hydrants; $ 3,300,000 for 20 motorcycles; U $ D 109,000 for 3 ships and 1,700,000 U $ D for 20 commercial vehicles, model 2009, from Mercedes Benz Colcar's sales office to move people between different cities.


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