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The Deputy from Cambiemos presented a project to remove social plans from those who cut streets

Guillermo Castello, a deputy for Cambioos in Buenos Aires, on Wednesday presented the bill allows for suspension and eventual removal of social plans or any other "economic provision by the state" to those involved in marching, pictographs or other public demonstrations.

"Those who violate rights should not gain economic benefits. This is the reason why today we are submitting a provincial law that suspends subsidies for those who cut streets or damage public monuments in picots."Castello said on social networks.

The project allows the suspension of benefits from the beginning of the criminal or illegal process, and their effective withdrawal if they reach a firm conviction,

Article 2 of the initiative indicates that these benefits "may be attached for compensation and indemnification"while Thirdly, it establishes recovery "if the participant or legal person compensates the victims and repairs the damage incurred., u offers sufficient guarantee to the satisfaction of victims ".

In the basic points of the reasoned measures, Castello argued that the "social assistance" of the state is "sometimes led through many social organizations", but that, "Unfortunately, a number of social organizations have been extremely polished in recent years and transforming themselves into political forces, transforming their core activities into organizing protests and demonstrations in a constant and systematic manner, almost always leading to total or partial cutting of streets, roads and roads across the country. "

And he went on: "The number of pickets, as we know the total or partial interruption of public communications, was a chilling amount of 5857 across the country, averaging 16 per day, one hour and a half every hour. Our province of Buenos Aires led this sad rating with 1269 pickets a year, once every seven hours. "

However, Castello that "the right to protest must be peaceful and must end when the right of citizens to move freely begins",

In this line, the Civil Coalition Leader and Founding Partner, Cambiemos Elisa Carrió, who launched on TV on 26 January and then appeared on networks "You can not make demonstrations when choosing a state subsidy." "I love water to bounce off the demonstration because she calms down, then they go home quietly", he added a representative on this occasion.

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