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The dollar rose 18 cents to $ 38.21 after an auction of $ 50 million from the BCRA

At the same time, The Simple and Free Stock Market (MULC) reduced initial growth and advances increased by only 15 cents to $ 37.05 after the monetary authority auctioned the Siopel system with $ 50 million. The average purchase price was $ 37,131, with a maximum purchase price of $ 37.14.

Despite this rise, the currency continues below the non-intervention group, currently at 37.45 USD and 48.47 USD, "We should not think that this current dollar rebate is a solid trend that is coming to a standstill, or that the current monetary plan has credibility and achieves all the required results both in terms of exchange rate stability and inflation," he said. consultancy in the field of economy and regions.

This is the first time that BCRA has hit the market with a maximum daily purchase set by the Monetary Policy Committee,

In the informal market, on the other hand, blue yields of 25 cents to $ 39, according to a survey of this media in caves in downtown Buenos AiresOn the other hand, "contad con liqui" fell 15 cents to $ 37.09 on Friday.

Last Friday the dollar fell 15 cents to $ 38.03, the lowest value since early December, according to the average, in the free lap which entity has doubled the purchase of a foreign currency to trigger an increase in currency.

The ticket, which dropped 39 cents a week earlier, was accompanied by a single and free stock market (MULC) where the US currency declined by 18 cents to $ 36.90, 1.3% below the bottom zone. band that was set today at $ 37,379. In this week, it dropped by 47 cents and added the fourth consecutive decline.

Other Markets

On the money market between banks, the money for calls was made on average 56%. In currency swaps, it was agreed to receive $ 163 million and / or place funds in pesos by buying a dollar for next Monday and Tuesday.

Rofex was $ 636 million, of which more than 45% was agreed in January and February, ending at $ 37.08 and $ 39.15 with rates of 49.46% and 46.37%.

On the other hand, Central bank reserves decreased by $ 7 million to $ 66,035 million.

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