The dollar rose to $ 36.42 on a small volume for a vacation in the United States – Télam

In the US national currency, the US currency rose 20 cents from Friday's Friday to $ 36.50.

The wholesale segment had similar performance. It moved by 18 cents and closed at $ 35.58, thus distancing itself from the floor of the floating band or intervention or non-intervention zones that the central bank held since October 1.

According to the proposed daily update schedule, the tile began today at $ 35.48, very close to Friday's closing, which was $ 35.45. But the impact of the holiday in the United States once again pushed the dollar out of the floor.
In today's Leliq tender, BCRA today awarded $ 111,981 million and again lowered the rate and set a new low at 65.77%, with a maximum rate of 66%.

The volume traded in the cash segment reached only $ 90.6 million, excluding operations in the future MAE segment.

In the Rosario futures market, Rofex traded USD 164 million, of which over 60% was agreed between November and December at USD 36.75 and USD 38.12. The futures of this site showed average losses of around US $ 0.05; does not verify the growth of the currency in the spot market.

"The insignificant amount that has been in operation at this point prevents us from confirming that today's growth is the beginning of a recovery in the exchange rate," said Gustavo Quintana, PR Corredores de Cambio.

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