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The dollar today: will fall below $ 38 after the US Federal Reserve. – 31.3.2019

The dollar started tenth day under the band nonintervention. Within a few hours when the Monetary Policy Committee decides whether to increase and how much it will be allowed to buy a foreign currency, and thus to grow demand, it will inject more pesos and the dollar will go down a strong drop of 48 cents to $ 37 on the wholesale marketThe base of the exchange intervention group is $ 37.61.

The central bank went to buy early. She earned $ 50 million for an average price of $ 37.08, a maximum of $ 37.10. Since January 10, when purchases began, has reserves of $ 560 million,

Meanwhile, in retail market, the dollar will drop by 50 cents to $ 37.90 in Banco NaciónOn Wednesday, the currency closed at 38.59 USD, according to the average of the banks. These are values ​​that have not been seen since last December 3.

The dollar followed the same path as in the rest of the countries in the region where all currencies – from Brazil to Mexico – were revalued.

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The fall of the dollar in Latin America is linked to the statement of the United States Federal Reserve System, which decided to maintain a cautious position to raise rates. The Fed kept the base rate unchanged and, in addition, excluded the reference to "gradual upgrading" in its statement, which indicated a flexible approach to reducing the bond portfolio and suggested that further rate movements could even be cut.

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Optimism for emerging markets after the US central bank's decision also affects the country's risk, which drops by 0.87% to 683 points. This means that there is a difference of 6.83% between Argentinian bonds and the United States, considered to be the safest. Ten-year US Treasury Bonds also fell to 2.67%.

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