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the file browser that Windows 10 needs


Microsoft stays for years on UWP instead of Win32, The Company is gradually migrating features and creating new UWP applications that are updated along with the major updates they issue annually for Windows 10. However, File explorer it's still Win32 (explorer.exe) a they did not dare to create a UWP application which can replace it. UWP files are the perfect candidate for him.

UWP Files: A file browser application to be run by Microsoft for Windows 10

This application was created by the user Luke Blevins, an alternative to File Explorer, whose appearance is based on rule-based concept suggestions Smooth construction Microsoft itself and is perfectly suited to the operating system. Besides, it has both dark topic as clear which adapts to the customization we've put into the system.

UWP files can be downloaded from its official GitHub site with the first release on its site v0.4.5.0, which requires Visual Studio and knows how to do it scripts with PowerShell so that it can be installed and tested. This first version has many failures, but it allows us to use it and see what it is like to have it file browser based on UWPWe can see how it looks in the pictures.

It is still very green and requires many hours of development to be stable and run it in the Microsoft Store

His creator is currently attending the Institute, which suggests his young age. That's why he says he does not have all the time he wants to spend on the project and he had a year ago, so he decided open it to other developers instead of leaving the project. You need to do that programmers add features, designers improve interface and testers report bugs on GitHub when they find them.

As we say, the project is now very embryonic condition, As you progress in development and application is stable, will run in Microsoft's store so every user can use it in their operating system. Its creator always proves it the application will be free.

This is the most ambitious file explorer project that was made in Windows 10 because Microsoft has not been developing for UWP for several years. The only change they made in this regard was adding a dark theme to Win32 file explorer with October 2018 Update,

She wrote Alberto García

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