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The man coksal and something ugly came out of his mouth. | Chronicle

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, a 36-year-old man was urgently admitted to the hospital because of a problem caused by his chronic heart failure.

The patient was quickly treated due to his subtle history and was equipped with a ventricular helper for the treatment of heart failure. In addition, heparin was injected to prevent coagulation.

During the following week, one had several episodes of "hemoptysis", ie, extinction of blood from the lungs or gills. During a strong coughing disorder, a patient who seemed to be an intact part of the right bronchial tree was excluded.

After the precipitate was removed, measuring 15 centimeters wide, doctors quickly intubated the patient's trachea and performed a bronchoscopy that revealed a small amount of blood in the lower left lobe root branches.

A week later, the man died of complications resulting from his heart failure, despite the ventricular aid that had been placed.

Doctors do not know how a 36-year-old man is able to exclude this part of the body without breaking it. George Wieselthaler, one of the surgeons who were treating the now deceased patient, assured the Atlantic that they were "surprised". "It's a curiosity you can not imagine, it's very, very, very strange," he said.

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