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The man who found ARA San Juan speaks: "I hope you can tell us what happened to the submarine" – 11/28/2018

The question goes from Cape Town to Houston, United States, over the phone line, almost as if it were a past. It could not be via Skype or Facetime, and it was the most direct way to talk with Oliver Plunkett, CEO of Ocean Infinity. The maximum responsibility for the discovery of the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan responds with a strong British accent. He will not go to South Africa to accept the boat designer on the seabed in the harbor – he will arrive on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning – but he remains up to date from his headquarters. Then the answer returns from a distance. "Of course, after 45 or 50 days, our mood was affected, and we were almost certain that the ship was in the area where it finally appeared, but we could not find it, it was an attempt and a mistake, and it did not seem to have been. the most difficult time, "says Plunkett. He is grateful that he will congratulate him, but admits that the mission continues.

Only hours left until the end of the ship's container arrives at the port. And Ocean Infinity still has a crucial role to play: to download all the material gathered at the ARA San Juan position and bring every last detail to the Argentine government. Only then can they submit an account that would get through the National Bank seven million dollars to their account. This data transfer operation will begin here right from Wednesday after landing in South Africa.

Four members of the submarine family will come to the seabed. It was a condition that the Argentine government and relatives of the victims had imposed on private claimants that these four people had come to the ship as observers.

Several times, the Sea Sea has maintained that observers, according to their inquiries, believed it was possible to find a submarine. "It was a wise move," says Plunkett. "It was very important to have four family members who saw everything and perfectly know how we work what we did every day. They saw all the data on how they were controlled and how they were discardedThey were the first to know that he had appeared. Everything we did, we could comment on them. Therefore, it is important that they travel with us. "

It also raises the relationship they have had with the navy and government authorities. "Interview with the Minister of Defense, the day they visited the Comodoro Rivadavia ship and then a proper and professional dialogue with the navy, even working with the ships, it was a good relationship," he reveals.

The bet was 60 days. The find should appear during the first search phase. It could not have been otherwise, since the information provided by all seafarers who had previously participated in the rake suggested that: the ARA quadrant could not be different and coincided with the hydroacoustic record, anomalies, sounds of implodes,

The moment the Ocean Infinity finds the ARA San Juan submarine.

The moment the Ocean Infinity finds the ARA San Juan submarine.

"We had a goal in 60 days, because all of our calculations showed that there was a submarine, we were simplified for strategy and risk reduction," the CEO said.

Plunkett does not exclude the continuation of cooperation with the Argentine government. The immediate thing is data transfer, then it will be visible. "Now we pass all the data. And then we'll see if they need to help them, " Indicates In the port the ship of your company's ambassador from the Argentine government waits to receive the material and coordinate their transport to Buenos Aires.

If you want to take a submarine or take it, it's something Plunkett tends to be careful about. He is aware that this debate is now turning around history but avoids pronouncing because he knows it's a sensitive affair.

One of the paintings was extended by ARA San Juan.

One of the paintings was extended by ARA San Juan.

"Our position," says the expert, "is to wait for the Argentine government to draw conclusions and be ready if they need further help from us."

Plunkett has not seen a photo, so he also avoids having to deal with them exactly. He knows this is an important amount and hopes he can serve as he believes. It is time to analyze this material. But this task does not belong to the Ocean Infinity, but to the navy experts. "Let's hope you can tell us what's happened," says Plunkett.

Finally, with the austerity measures that characterize it, the final comment is reserved to relatives. "We know this It's important to them. We hope to help you understand what has happened. "closes the man who controlled the findings of ARA San Juan.

Ask for patience. His ship approaches the country in South Africa. And he acknowledges that this story has not yet ended. Right now begins a phase that can lead us to the truth.

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