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The news and the strangest and most amazing problems that will bring the near future

Some seem to be removed from iscience fiction maginary; others seem to be a natural consequence the abuse people make on the planet, Journalist Don Steinberg synthesized for the magazine Time 14 developments that develop technology and society will bring daily life in the near future that poses innovation and also challenges.

ANDNational Institutes of Health (NIH) of the United States to conduct a study to find contraceptive method for men equivalent to the revolutionary sexuality of women because it is safe, effective and reversible. Experimental treatment is not in pills but in a gel, which is applied to the back and shoulders, which combines two hormones which stop sperm production without affecting libido.

AND a hologram by Roy OrbisonWho died in 1988, traveled in 2018; for 2019 musical tours Amy Winehouse (died in 2011) and Frank Zappa (died in 1993) through this virtual technique. "Interpreting contracts will increasingly include deadlines on who controls and makes money from posthumous performances," Steinberg said.

Residual water at the tap

El Paso, Texas, it is an extremely dry city in a dry area. To make sure that the water does not escape 700 000 inhabitants, the program for adjust waste water and convert it to drinking water, It is closed circle of hídricor, in which it is cleared of what is exhausted technology that returns quality to consumption and return to the network of neighbors. It is possible that many other places imitate the city, which, through various initiatives since 1985, has reduced the use of water per capita by 40 percent.

Super Bowl Video Games

Company business e-sport – video game competition – is ready to exceed $ 1,000 million. Founded in 2017, The Overwatch League, which wants to be First Overwatch City Games, Blizzard Entertainment, He sold $ 20 million of Comcast franchises to Comcast and other companies. Beyond the borders United States, there are cities in Europe and China that are already participating.

Cure for baldness

In 2016, a group of Japanese scientists announced they are developing use stem cells to regenerate hair folliclesand that clinical trials in humans could begin in 2019. Riken, the largest research institute in Japan, is working in the Organ Reproduction Laboratorytogether with two companies in the project called "Hair", which he hopes to achieve the end of baldness in 2020,

Mamut of tundra returns to Earth

The Harvard University study focuses on the use of techniques genetic issue to restore the mammoth tundra, or a wavy mammoth and a migratory pigeon insert the DNA of these extinct species into the cell cultures of living animals,

Coffee as a protected species

According to the The Climate Institute report, if no action is taken to reduce carbon emissions, it is estimated that Climate change "will reduce the world's 50% coffee area by 2050"Problems that threaten this industry by $ 19 billion are a combination of higher temperatures, drought, disease and disappearance of insects responsible for pollination.

SpaceBelt, Cloud Constellation, hopes to create a global satellite network so data is no longer stored on Earth at the beginning of the 2020s. Site storage could store sensitive data outside of the Internet and, possibly, from offices.

Half of the world, with water problems

IN Report on World Water Development The United Nations (UN) has been estimated 3 600 million people (approximately half of the world's population) live in areas where there is a potential shortage of water at least one month a year.

According to the study, the edible insect market will be worth $ 1 200 million by 2023Currently, about 2 billion people eat crickets, worms and other insects.

No more lasers in New Zealand

To preserve your bird characteristics kiwi or apteryx, among other species, New Zealand determined to eliminate before 2050 all rats, lashes, abominations, mountain cats and more invading predators who are not natives country

It is estimated that a traditional 4-hectare cemetery is buried enough wood to build 40 houses and keep liquid bodies to fill the poolSo-called natural or green cemeteries, which are breeding in developed countries, offer biodegradable coffins and formaldehyde-free formulas.

The Houston authorities opposed the opening of the brothel they would offer robots of sexual services with a humanoid aspect, But robbery brothels already exist in Barcelona, ​​Turin, Moscow and Toronto,

The sand, which is used to produce cement and glass, is one of the toolsof the world's most exploited natural world without controlIt is also an obstacle that protects the coastline from rising sea levels. The deficiency has already arisen the look of the pirate destroying the islands to sell sand.

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