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The participant talked with Guida Kaczki but discovered it and went into the air – 30.1.2019

This unusual, cheerful situation appeared this week Another family night (The Thirteen, at 9.30), the program that leads Guido Kaczka (40), when the participant wanted to be funny and the driver discovered it.

It all started when a couple entered the studio to play with their pet, and Guido introduced it with its characteristic good humor: "There they come … Benjamin, teacher, perfect … and what is his name (asked his girlfriend)? ".

So Benjamin's girlfriend said she was called Dolphin and then a question of rigor emerged, "And the dog, what's his name?"."Ask him / her", the participant replied to Kaczik.

"What do you say yourself?"the lecturer El Trece questioned the dog and, of course, did not get any answer, but Guido again insisted that he might be expecting some animal or bark gesture and would repeat his question:What do you say yourself?"

But the dog did not answer his tail, so the driver said, "It is a typical moment when a dog has a talent that does not work on TV"

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There is something impatient and went into his task, the driver turned to the owner of the animal and asked again: "What's it say?" "To ask him", the participant replied again.

Kaczka approached the metal and glass construction where the dog was, and said,What do you say yourself?"but the last one did not experience before the consultation, and the character of nights The Thirteen has already angrily told his competitor:"It does not answer!"

"Ask him back", the owner of the dog, native of La Plata, encouraged him, so for the sixth time the actor also attempted to decipher the name of the animal."What do you say yourself?"he asked.

Because this attempt has also failed this time there was a return journey between the lecturer and his participant, who replied again: "Ask him / her!"Then Guido realized that the dog was so called.

"Oh, the dog is called Ask, ah, well … Do you ever have pineapple for the camera? Because I'm upset, "Kaczka threatened humorously.Not yet"laughed the man and laughed.

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Finally, Benjamin said he had baptized his pet in this way because "it was out". "I found him lying, I took him to me, he was my nephew and asked me what his name was … Now the dog lives in the land, but before they both lived together in monoambiente and ate cookies with a paste. "

Finally the dog that his owners call his diminutive, "Pregu"he lost the challenge for a moment to reach the goal, and continued on his way to the" millionaire "in Guida's classic game.

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