The race has a new guard: the hurricane targets of Godoy Cruz to dream of Superliga

Hurricane defeated Godoy by 2: 1 home in Duco and with one less play, he was placed six points behind the leader, Racing.

30 minutes into the first half played by Andrés Chávez after a big fellow who started Toranzo in advance.

At the end of the first period Lucas Gamba's account was extended from a criminal offense.

Lucas Gamba (2-0) Godoy Cruz | Date 12 – Superliga Argentina 2018/2019

"Tomba" did not get into the park in the park, barely getting worse by reacting to the add-on and coming up with a discount over Gabriel Avalos for the remaining ten minutes.

Gabriel Ávalos (2-1) Hurricane vs. Godoy Cruz | Date 12 – Superliga Argentina 2018/2019

But Alfaro took care of the result, added three and watched Racing.

What Gamba said the figure of the party

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