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The real reasons why Jorge Rial was licensed in "Intruders"

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December 8, 2018

Romina Pereiro, a friend of the show host, revealed the reasons for which the journalist decided to take a few days off.

Rial and Pereiro

Romina Pereiro managed to cope with it Jorge Rial assembled family. Nutrition is the mother Ema (7) and Violet (5) while the driver Intruders he is a father Rocío (19) and Brunette – who lives with his friend – with whom he has been stolen for several months, but finds out that he is preparing his relationship again.

However, it was not easy. "It was a little too little to say or to say anything," he said Romina and Catalina Dlugi in your program Agarrate Catalina, Added: "There was no strategy, we never talked about how we would do it, but taking into account the times of daughters: mine and his""That's how they all live together.

As for your connection Dew, Pereiro he replied: "She is a barbarian, she is brilliant, has a beautiful mood, she is divine, and with girls (for her daughters) they love each other, jokes are made, and sometimes they fight, typical of the boys: I'm killing myself with laughter."

AND Rial brunette? "We have always had a good relationship, I feel we do not know each other so the bond grows, grows with everyday work and gets to know each other"admitted Romina.

And he added: "When something happened that was publicly known, I ran out of the center and accompanied my father in what he felt I could help and include, because if her father was strong, it helped her too. was more to accompany and maintain the situation without mediation because it is a matter between father and son: none of us can get involved, think or do anything. "

"It was hard, I did what worked best for me The situation surprised me over the exposition …", admitted. "This generated four months Rial from aliens, or rather thanks to other driver projects? "the driver asked. "He needed some time to be calm, but he was also very motivated by other projects: he wants to face other things, a mixture of these two things that made her very good, counted nutrition.

In these days, Jorge and Morena "Link the relationship step by step", he said Romina, and "Transition from Pregnancy" 19 year old teenager. "I'm going to be in the place he wants to give me, I'm very careful and respectable, if everything is good for them, everything will be all right for everyone", he concluded.

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