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"The river has no responsibility" – 11/28/2018

The river is trying to play its cards to reach the goal of playing the frustrated and late Copa Libertadores final. And after a statement by Rodolfo D'Onofri, who showed his firm position, Jorge Brito joined the president to separate the club from the violent events that took place in the past. "You have to respect a court that is autonomous and must be issued in the next few hours. We are very clear what the regulations say and what arguments are presented by the river in Paraguay, "said the vice president of the millionaire La Red, adding: "We think it is clear that the same city government was dealing with the failure of a police operation on Saturday, and that when we were nine blocks from the river, we have no responsibility that can not be discussed here either on local or river points."

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It was an aggression against Micro Boca

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The curious also explained what the club's intentions were. "We suggest that the game be played in the river with the local public, we respect Conmebol as we have always been in AFA, but so far our approach is the same: the Greek must play the river in court with the local public," he said. On the other hand he said: "I think if you play in a river and with a local audience, it will be for football's success that the matches will be resolved as they have always been on the pitch but I also believe that for Argentina and the river It is very important that we can show the world that it can not be suspended by six vandals and that Argentina is ready to play a game of this magnitude. "

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The villain of the river asked to play in Monumental. (IVAN PISARENKO / AFP)

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Brito was also consulted about the records found at Caverna Godoy, the head of Nuñez's team. "When the raid took place in the Godoy House, there were two alternatives: the inputs were false or true, in the latter case all valid records leave the River, what we have to see here is the origin of these records if they were in the hands of people entitled to accepting or not, we have to handle all the questions that do not yet have this information, the only thing I know is what the prosecutor said the tickets are true, "he said. On the other hand, he was talking about the possible return of tickets: "Only the Court will definitely decide there, depending on how it is going to be, what is the treatment for each of the people who bought the ticket, but we understand that they are obviously damaged."

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Brito shares the position of Onofria.

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