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They associate gum problems with male sexual impotence

Researchers at the University of Granada (Spain) found a link between male teeth and erectile dysfunction. Seems, the state of the gums can affect the veins and change the blood circulation, which would affect sexual performance, Article published in the scientific journal Journal of Clinical Parodontology It is the first one that combines both problems.

In order to understand this relationship of causes and consequences, we begin with oral health. According to scientists, the problem stems from paradentosis, This disease consists of chronic gum inflammation and structures that surround and support the tooth. If not treated, it can even lead to tooth loss.

However, the gums are inflamed by the presence of bacteria that damage the membrane that passes through the inside of the blood vessels (vascular endothelium). If this condition reaches the veins and arteries of the penis, it affects circulation and prevents erection, Therefore, the article warns that men with periodontitis are at greater risk of suffering from impotence.

To this end, they analyzed 80 cases: 74% of patients with erectile dysfunction had periodontitis, while the relationship between the severity of impotence and the severity of the periodontal disease was found. In this sense, patients with periodontitis were "2.28 times more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction than patients with periodontal disease," they said in a statement.

That's a good thing to prevent oral illness, the method is simple and available to all: it consists in proper teeth cleaning and adequate hygiene of the oral cavity.

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