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They find the dead disappeared adolescent in Chronicle

As confirmed by the Provincial Police Chief, Orlando Quevedo, Paula Giménez CarrizoThe 15-year-old Minor, which was missing last Monday, was found in "deep gorge"heavy access.

In statements to Radio Valle Viejo, Quevedo mentioned that the area where the body was, was "check"one of the police dogs who were sentenced to rake, so it was decided to deepen the search in this place.

"It's sad and regrettable, we had the hope it's alive and we're optimistic, but hey, it's a reality"he confirmed.

After the body rescue process, an autopsy will be done to reliably determine the causes of death.

The goal is to find out if your cousin in a legally defined age that is prematurely delayed has some connection with a fatal outcome.

Paula, a native of Buenos Aires, left her 13-year-old Monday in a relative's company Samuel Federico Carrizo, 22 years. How it was written FM La Perla, the intention of the adolescent reached the hill to search for the internet signal.

His cousin, who went down to the plain to take care of the animals, is delayed by the prosecutor at the fair, Dr. Soledad Rodríguez,

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