They found a fetus in the washing machine and thought it was a domestic abortion

One 25 years she was hospitalized Between Rivers due to serious injuries that came to the medical center. When they were looking for their house, they found it fruit between 7 and 8 months of pregnancy in the period washing machine,

The incident occurred yesterday in Parana, where she accepted a risk of death in the San Martin hospital. Along with his hospitalization in gynecology, a group of policemen went to the patient's home where they found blood stains in each corner.

The desperate scream of one of the agents in the laundry room interrupted the silence with which the procedure had taken place. They found a fruit bag inside the washing machine.

There are several hypotheses for these hours, and we are trying to find out if we are actually facing them induced abortions, or if a 25-year-old girl had some health complications that led to what happened, El Jeden said.

After finding, The 25-year-old male, female partner, was arrested and at the disposal of Prosecutor Franco Bongiovanni, who also ordered an autopsy on a found fetus.

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