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They investigate the person responsible for the first case of a human genetic make-up

The university he is working on has suspended him and asked for an explanation of the scale of his research. The medical ethics committee of Shenzhen also began to internalize the case.

A Chinese scientist who announced the existence of the first genetically modified human has problems. Jiankui He It has already been criticized by the scientific community, which continues to be in a position of extreme practical and ethical caution over the technique used. Now the university for which he works and the local medical ethics group have begun to investigate.

The Shenzhe University of Science and Technologyn was not slow to take steps and suspend without paying the scientists. He also issued a statement pointing out that what had happened left the institution in shock and that work I got it It is a serious violation of the ethics and codes of conduct of the Academy.

According to the organization, its authorities were unaware of the project and its nature.

In addition to requesting explanations from He, the university decided that an independent and international committee of experts should be entrusted with an investigation. From his side Medical Ethics Commission of Shenzhen will do a similar job.

Darren Saunders, the former director of the hospital where the experiments were performed, said he did not remember giving permission Jiankui He for these activities. "Experiments such as this can lead the research area back, science is working under a social license, scientists work within the limits defined by the concerns of a wider community, and when these limits are ignored, there is a risk that they will produce understandable negative impacts and concerns that could push this field back for several decades, "Saunders explained.

Jiankui He with great enthusiasm, announced the birth with the health of Lulu and Nana, two twins genetically engineered during the in vitro fertilization process. The technique used for this task is known as CRISPR.

The second international congress on the human genome began on Tuesday, November 27, in Hong Kong. It is expected I got it get off at the event. We will have to see how it is received.


The only confirmation of the editorial case is still the statement of Jiankui He and the exams from his working group. Although it is odd if we think it will eventually prove to be a lie or exaggeration, this possibility should not be ruled out.

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