They launch a campaign to prevent skin cancer

As part of the National Skin Cancer Prevention campaign of the Argentine Dermatological Society, a team of experts from the Protestant Dermatological Center "Dr. Manuel M. Giménez" of the Resistance announced the entire agenda for this week's activities.

The aim of the initiative is to increase education and awareness of this disease throughout Chaco and, in particular, to foster dissemination among the youngest.

As part of the program of activities, discussions will be held on Wednesday between 10:00 and 12:00 within the service on the topic of doctors working in the first level of care, family and clinics. "It focuses on public network professionals, such as private," says Manuela Russel, an expert in the field.

The Ministry of Public Health will install a pedestrian resistance booth on Thursday to spread the campaign, provide advice, address concerns and highlight measures to prevent skin cancer from 9 to 12 years old.

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Also on Friday there will be a "Polka Dot Control" operation and free skin checks. "All patients who detect suspected lesions on the skin or who have found changes in size, discoloration or itching are specifically called," Russell said in order to clarify that prospective patients should attend the Dermatology Center from 7:00 to 10:00. ,

In addition, Jorge Laffargue, Head of Pedro de Elizalde Dermatological General Pediatric Hospital, Buenos Aires, will be taking part in this initiative on Friday 23 and Saturday at the 24th Conference of Children's Dermatology.

The activity takes place in the service from 9 to 12 (both days) and is aimed at dermatologists, pediatricians and dermatologists. Agenda includes Nevos in pediatrics, atopic eczema, skin barrier, dermatoscopy in pediatrics, new vitiligo, childhood psoriasis and vascular malformations.

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