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This is why Apple has lowered its product prices

January 30, 2019

It's the solution Apple has put to counter the low-selling iPhone.


The Apple's CEO, Tim CookHe said he could reduce the price of iPhone in some countries. This measure addresses the decline in phone sales.

Economic results for the past quarter have shown that revenue from Apple smartphones Since last year they have fallen by 15 percent.

On the contrary, company revenues fell 5% over the previous year This is the first quarterly drop in the company since 2016.

While Apple expects in the fall, warned investors this month that they accused China. "We did not know how to predict the rate of economic slowdown, especially in China"Cook said.

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The head of the company, however, said that high iPhone prices are becoming a problem for their customers.

Cook also noted that the technology giant began in January to reduce the price of its smartphones to protect its customers from currency fluctuations.

"What we did in January in some areas and for some products was basically partly or completely absorb the movement of exchange rates compared to last year."But Apple's directors said they expected the company to continue to face new challenges.

Apple predicts revenue for the first three months of the year – until March 31 – of $ 55,000 millionThis would decrease by at least 3.4% y / y.

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Although Apple is not the only company that has this problem, the price Apple stock in the stock market fell by about a third since October, amid investors' fear of inadequate customer interest in buying new iPhone phones.

Cook said he had confidence in society and concluded: "While disappointed with the loss of our sales estimates, we have succeeded Apple for a long time and the results of this quarter show that the strength of our business is deep and wide"

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