Tomorrow they will study for Cristian Pavón – Télam

Boca Juniors striker Cristian Pavón, who has replaced 27 minutes in the first half of the first-leg injury on Sunday against his team with the River Plate for the first Copa Libertadores de América 2018 final, will be a medical study tomorrow, although it all suggests he suffered from tears.

While Boca did not announce anything officially, close friends to the coaching staff showed their concern because everything suggests that Pavón could be torn up, a wound that lasts for at least three weeks, which would have lost the rematch on Saturday 24th at the Núñez Monumental Stadium after a tie in two goals in La Bombonera.

The Cordovan forward left his place to Dario Benedetto after feeling uncomfortable in the hamstring, at the back of the left thigh.

He felt the move as he sought the return of Ramon "Wanchope" Abila, who took him to the back of his leg, on the left side of the Xeneize attack.

The pavilion, which did not normally do the job during the week, went to cry because of the inability to continue the competition in the first final of the most important tournament in South America.

"Kichan" was one of those who had to take care of himself because he had two yellow cards and he got another that he would not be able to play a decisive game.

Meanwhile, Leonardo Jara, another retired Boquenses player, has contractions in the body (lower body) of both legs.

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