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Two Key Issues in the Federal Alternative: Will Kill Scioli Lavagna? Will Tinelli kill the governors? – 05/23/2019

In a political environment, reading is exactly the opposite. Always trying to get fatWith this logic, we now understand more clearly the goal of the video, which Peronist Governor Juan Schiaretti, CEO of Alternativa Federal (AF), made in a new space launch. The bleeding of Robert Lavagna – with his irritated swings, the last Thursday morning – and most PJ leaders have left this armed opposition too thin. With the same weight they were launched eight months ago. Two famous personalities were publicly summoned to fill them: Marcelo Tinelli and Daniel Scioli. More always inevitable "progressive foot".

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The electoral equation in AF was almost no different from the original photograph. The greatest power of space is the sum of its parts. With Sergio Massa, Juan Manuel Urtubey and Miguel Pichetto (in this order of preference), they gathered their votes to achieve a decent sum. The disturbance of Lavagna inflated the numbers and even threatened to break this logic: he began to measure better than others in polls. But it never ended consolidation and today it is mixed with the rest,

Therefore, urging Schiaretti, Massa and Urtubey to invite to STEP a do not fall into his statement, The figure reflects as little Lavagny fall. Last year, when I wasn't a pre-candidate, 55% positive image, by Alessio IROL – Berensztein. He was more than Maria Eugenia Vidal. In the last survey of these counseling centers dropped to 36%Less than Cristina and Macri. An alternative to a crack that measures less than a crack.

The intention of the former minister to vote did not even end in the fact that he would reach the highest level. Starting with the foam from the disturbance, on average 15 points. But then it began to fall and today is closer to 10. Parejo with Massa. Nothing decisive …

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"Besides, it is clear that Lavagna didn't fly, so they have 7 points, plus 10 Sergio, 5 Urtubey and what Pichetto has, they are necessary to give volume to space"They recognize in Massismo and close:" That's why Gringo-Schiaretti- mentioned Scioli after Lavagna told him he didn't accept prisoners. So measure 4 or 5 points, Scioli has the advantage of eating Kirchner. "

A character who captures the volatility of the armed forces: the phrase "Front Renovador leader" on Lavagne was spelled out by Clarin's second before the former clerk, Duhalde and Kirchner, reopened the door that they closed in the Federal alternative last night. Good news for Peronism no KEspecially because he is a source that lives daily with Daniel Scioli, eliminated from joining a former governor.

"This space is unpleasant because of Lavagna's departure and Albert Fernández-Massa's interviews, which is why the challenge for Tinelli and Daniel seems to be more than real in the media", analyzed the scenario before consultation ClarineHe also said this before Lavagna's march.

With Scioli, what the former minister said as one of the reasons he didn't join AF partners, especially the harassed partners like Margarita Stolbizer, now the review of origin will remain: your predisposition to go to the inner.

In response to criticism, Lavagnismo questions Massa's massacre because he has escaped from the broad class of the media he has created to approach Kirchner than the government. They fear, like a few, that former cabinet chief Cristina met with his old comrades of militancy election army.

Massa says with Cristina in the middle, no, for now? Can formalism be an excuse for leaving? On this month's Frente Renovador Congress will be held to define alliance policies. More questions: "base bases" – which, of course, is Massa himself – will convince him to deal with Kirchner?

More than a political contradiction, the RF chief now sees no offer to seduce him enough. Return to Kirchnerism for what? Go on an internship against Albert and Cristina and finish defeated? Go as a governor candidate when he swears and perjures that he is trying to lead? Maybe not fall into the Lavagny Swings Massa prefers to leave the door ajar,

"Also, what Sergio is worried about – they say in their environment – is the departure of the governors, the federal alternative was to be their space, but when Alberto was running, nine welcomed him in public. formally Unidad Ciudadana, that was a very strong gesture ”.

There should be no news soon. On three weekends in June -2, 9 and 16 – the governor is elected in 10 provinces. In most, Peronism goes in unity with Kirchnerism. The priority is to win or make the best choices at local level and then discuss national level. Times are printing, Lists are closed at 22, 6 days after the last county commission.

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Watch the theory of political eating. "With the incorporation of Tinelli, plus some progressivism, it seeks to offset this shift of governors. Tinelli could be a good governor for all those who go to PASO", They complete in Massismo.

The Showmatch driver, as Clarin said, has not closed any doors yet. And it is clear with whom you feel most comfortable. He said he "admires and adores" Schiaretti. They agreed to talk about how to move forward.

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