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Two New Wednesday Discounts in February «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

Company Discount Program 50 percent in supermarkets for customers Provincial Bank It will remain in force in February in branches that are connected throughout the province and the city of Buenos Aires.

The bank was already official earnings for February which are being implemented in Mar del Plata and in the entire province of Buenos Aires with the aim of promoting consumption.

Exactly, two "economical supermiters" will be held in the 6th and 20th year (first and third month) in all supermarkets: Cooperativa Obrera, Den, Disco, Vea, Toledo, Extra and Carrefour,

Banco Provincia applies 50 percent compensation for purchases made in payments at various supermarkets for credit and debit cards and a single monthly refund of 1 500 pesos per customer.

To understand the bonus, it is worth taking these examples into account: $ 3,000 will be refunded $ 1,500; 1000 pesos will be refunded 500 pesos (50% purchase). Meanwhile, $ 1,500 will be refunded when you buy $ 5,000 (the ceiling of earnings).

The Consumer Support Plan covers the following categories: food, fresh, soft drinks, fruits and vegetables, cleaning products, national pork slices, meat cuts (baked, roasted and beef roasted). In addition, products of the above categories and / or categories are included under the "Price Care" commitment.

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