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Two representatives of the Civil Coalition criminally condemn Hebe de Bonafini for her statement

Violent statement Hebe de Bonafini eNo connection with the purchase of taser weapons for security forces and against soybean producers continues to give rise to repulsion and now two representatives of the Civic Coalition announced that they would be condemning her criminally for "incitement to collective violence".

Last Thursday, President Mother Plaza de Mayo – Strict criticism of Cambiemos government – asked for "tasking" Taser's weapons with "Macri's daughter, Vidal's children and Bullrich's children, grandchildren and relatives."

"They should lay them down and let them fire to see if they kill, it's the only way I can trust them," he said. These types of weapons are classified as "non-lethal" because they immobilize suspects from low-power electric shock.

Taser is the middle weapon used in several countries around the world, such as the United States, Australia, France and England. The model purchased by the government (X26P) has a range of four, seven or ten meters depending on the tape. Immobilization of the aggressor is immediate and takes only five seconds.

Also, Bonafini called to "burn the field" of soybean producers. "So if we have the courage, we have to accompany people, burn the fields when they want to pull soybeans, burn them, they can not collect anything and they collect ash. Let's see if we burn some fields if they continue to run glyphosate"he said.

Members of the Civil Coalition, Lucila Lehmann and Marcel Campagnoli, understood that the statements could be included in Article 212 of the Criminal Code of the Nation: Incitement to Collective Violence.

Campagnoli explained to Infobae that he is seriously concerned that "violence is naturalized in any form and that incitement to commit abuse can not be tolerated."

The legislator stated that "people are happy with these violent speeches and asks us to stop them by the tools that the Republic gives us." He added: "What the judges do is to their benefit, we do not express complaints about the result, but because it is on them."

The text of a court presentation on Monday shows that, just as in Germany after Nazism, "to persecute and punish those who promote violence for political reasons without any meditation" in order to achieve "change" of the cultural "

"Violence-inducing is not only undemocratic, but we know from experience that it ends with death, and every attempt to resuscitate it has to be approved," he continues.

Lehmann stressed that "this is not about Hebe de Bonafini, or about something specific but about the way we think about Argentina that we must expel, a vision that is not only retrograde but dangerous: violence as a way of politics."

"There must be a clear message for society, we want to go on a path of peace and prosperity and leave hatred and violence," he told Infobae.

The Hebe's statement was also rejected by the Bar of the City of Buenos Aires, the business convergence forum and various political figures.

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