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Unbelievable benefits of endorphin, the hormone of happiness

You surely know the feeling: you do something you like and you feel like you are happy, fulfilling, happy, even euphoric! If you like art, you can
it will happen to you when listening to music or painting; If the sport is your thing, the feeling of maximum well-being appears just as he climbed, climbed, or at full speed, practicing mountain biking. The wave of happiness that attacks you is the best chemical development of our brains: they are endorphins.

Endorphins are substances produced by our brain, with a structure very similar to that of opiates (morphine, opium, etc.). But without its undesirable effects. These natural chemicals act as powerful analgesics and stimulate entertainment centers that create satisfying situations that help to eliminate unpleasant feelings.

The body produces endorphins in response to many feelings, including pain and stress. They also affect the modulation of appetite, the release of sex hormones and the strengthening of the immune system. When we feel pleasure, these chemicals multiply.

Endorphins have a very short lifetime because they are eliminated by some enzymes produced by the body. It is a measure to keep our body balanced and not to conceal the alarm signals.

In addition, there are good other reports about endorphins: we can re-create situations that trigger these wonderful stimulants in our body to develop moments of well-being throughout the day.

According to Jack Lawson, the author of "Endorphins – Drugs of Happiness," our reactions and even our personality have their origins, more than we can imagine, in the chemistry that controls us. The good thing, he explains, is that we can once again manage some of these chemical processes by learning how to use them according to our needs.

There are several ways to stimulate endorphin production. Basically, all the activities we feel are pleasant are convened. His appearance causes positive changes in our attitude and in our state of mind.

What to do then, experience the positive effect of endorphins?

"Good" stress, derived from physical exercise, causes an increase in the amount of endorphins present in the blood. After a few minutes of work, the onset of fatigue is delayed, creating a feeling of vitality and well-being. Take a few steps or start dancing alone, ten minutes, your mood will change.

Kissing, kissing and hugging stimulate endorphin discharge. Not only will the couple become intimate; Signs of affection also create pleasure. When you're sad, nothing better than "hugging."

Laughter has a known influence on brain chemistry and the immune system, and is therefore the best source of endorphins. Numerous studies have shown that laughter reduces physical pain and strengthens the immune system.

Contact with nature fills us with energy and good humor. Even if it's been for a while in the park, you will release endorphins and feel much more relaxed and positive.

Relaxing physical activities, such as relaxation techniques, yoga or tai chi, support the segregation of endorphins and are excellent for reducing stress.

Soft music causes significant release of endorphins, reduces heart rate and breathing and promotes muscle relaxation.

Do what you like best: Sing, dance, skate rollers, play guitar, whatever it gives you joy and joy. You will discover how to open the door and find endorphins, the most powerful natural remedy.

You can even go a step further and benefit from endorphins by making good moments. Through visualization techniques, you can imagine pleasant moments or imagine them whenever you need to rejoice.

It is important to realize that stress is a great enemy of endorphins,
so you will do well to keep it calm. Best strategies? Exercise, healthy food, good humor, relaxation techniques and feet on the ground: see things as they are, neither better nor worse, they avoid stress. Then yes, get ready for a more enjoyable life with invaluable endorphin help.

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