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VIDEO: Astronomers have discovered a strange "empty garbage bag" that is haughtily floating in space

A group of astronomers has discovered a mysterious object orbiting the Earth "chaotically" and could enter the atmosphere of our planet within a few months.

The Northolt Branch Observatories in London report that the A10bMLz was first seen on Jan. 25 with the ATLAS telescope located in Hawaii (USA). Experts of this Observatory believe that this is a "a piece of lightweight material", probably metallic paper that remained after launching the rocket but did not know when and where it happened.

Astronomers have tagged the A10bMLz as "empty garbage bag"This mysterious body would be a few meters wide and weighs less than 1 kilogram." The peculiarity of this subject is that it orbits the Earth "unusual and retrograde" orbit, with an average distance of 262,000 kilometers.

"The orbit is very elliptical, with a perigee just 600 km above the earth's surface and apogee 1.4 times as far away as the Moon, "said the observatory and noted that light weight A10bMLz made it susceptible to solar radiation pressure and changed its orbit in a" chaotic way ". time scales from days to weeks"

As a result, astronomers point out that it is not possible to reliably predict the future trajectory of an object. Even if they do not exclude I can return to the atmosphere of the Earth within a few months.

"Currently, we have no idea of ​​origin"from A10bMLz, Pluto's astronomy software developer, also insists he has no records of a recent monthly flyer but compares the orbit of the object with the plastic bag wrapper.

"This is mainly because of that his past trajectory is really uncertainAs well as an empty rubbish pouch on the street, it can move immobilely in the cikkaku (wind), "explained the Pluto project without speculation," when it could hit the Earth or the Moon or leave Earth-Luna. "

This is not the first time that the "empty waste bag item" on our planet appeared, but the first one with orbit so distant.

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