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Volkswagen wants even bigger car, SUV over Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen came Shanghai Lounge with significant deployment transitions, which should not surprise us with regard to the current trend of brands and requirements of the Chinese market, but after the debut of Volkswagen ID.Roomzz, Volkswagen SMV and Volkswagen Teramont X, it is inevitable to keep this feeling. what Volkswagen could bring the world market crossover over the Volkswagen Touareg,

Volkswagen introduced in China Volkswagen SMV, Volkswagen Teramont X and Volkswagen ID.Roomzz

The German company has introduced two large SUVs that will only be a priori available on the Chinese market Volkswagen SMV 7 seats and larger than the Volkswagen Atlas a Volkswagen Teramont X it has a rough design, loaded with power, loaded with muscle mass, another transition of generous proportions that would fit well in the United States, but for the global market thinking outside China, Volkswagen ID.Roomzz could define that the Big Global SUV that looks like a brand, looking for a car over a Volkswagen Touareg.

And that's the one Volkswagen ID.Roomzz he came to design not only the new electric car but also arrive ready to flirt with five meters, raising the SUV with three rows of seats above the current seven-seat SUV brand, the Volkswagen Tiguan All-Space, which, at least in China, will be a reality in 2021, but We do not see Volkswagen ID.Roomzz in other markets?

Volkswagen ID.Roomzz is an electric SUV of over 300 HP with autonomous level 4 driving

Volkswagen did not comment on this, even though he confirmed it we'll see it in China in 2021But the logic invites us to think that a production car derived from this Volkswagen ID.Roomzz will global car which will be located in the highest part of the ID family, ready to meet the demand for electric cars in large families.

This one Volkswagen ID.Roomzz still conceptual was presented with an electric mechanic consisting of two electric motors that produce a total 306 CV, with cycle autonomy. t 450 km,

Volkswagen SUV offensive is total: from Volkswagen T-Cross to Volkswagen ID.Roomzz

In addition, Volkswagen also introduced in Hall Hall Volkswagen T-Cross for the Chinese market, triggered by the brand in the hands of the SAIC and obscured between the two crossover XXLs.

With T-Cross, T-Roc, Tiguan, Touareg, the near future for the SUV cabriolet, and the deployment of an SUV for the Chinese market without forgetting the Volkswagen Volkswagen, the Volkswagen SUV is clearly and obviously It makes great sense that electrification has a presence in this category in the next two years, either with Volkwagen ID.Crozz, p Volkswagen ID.Roomzz bigger or both.

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