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What is Bover? Revenge of neutral fans before the arrogance of the river and Boca – 11/28/2018

October 31, Boca drew 2: 2 with Palmeiras in San Pablo and at that moment many nightmares became reality: the Super Cup would be the Copa Libertadores final.

From that moment everything was packed into that gigantic bubble, exaggerated, grotesque. An endless snowball that combines weight and danger with the passing of days. And it will never find its way. Much less is the end.

The problem is that there were a lot of people on this road who saw the ball on one side. They are those who are on their shoulders and are splashed by the question of others. They do not have an invitation, and even less, they are interested in participating.

They just created the category. They named the structure that eliminates them and raised their voices to be heard, while the most powerful scream everywhere.

So he was born BoverAnd because everything that's going on at these times was viralized by social networks, Bover's Boca, and the river. But together It's a concept. It is a feeling of injustice felt by the fans of all other Argentine teams.

Bover Shield, a concept that connects Boca and River in one team.

Bover Shield, a concept that connects Boca and River in one team.

They are displayed San Lorenzo and the hurricane that they were frustrated with the game they had most expected since the semester, supposedly Superclasico, that they would play on Saturday and could not go on Sunday but did not even play.

Also from the Communicationthat the same day they expected their team in Agronomy against Tristan Suarez on the 17th day of Metropolitan B, and now have to wait until December 12th.

They are also represented in Bover Union and San Martín de San Juan They had to postpone their Super League matches against local football giants because they decided not to attend the final on Wednesday and make it over the weekend.

Bover is every asterisk that appears in the Super League table thanks to the arrogant leadership of leaders led by Onofrio and Angelica. Bover is central to Rosario without knowing when to play the final of the Argentine Cup and gymnastics waiting for an opponent in a semi-final that would come tired after February and eventually arrived fresh to suspend.

The Bover concept has generated countless memes moving on Twitter. And even a shield that obviously blends blue and gold with red and white.

Because it is ultimately a reflection of football as a law of jungle. And in this game, the food chain always prefers bigger.

While the game is sold as "the end of the world," while Boca believes the river has power in Conmebol and Núñez, the same thing happens to La Boca, fans of other teams warn that they are really the same.

Which are the two sides of the same coin. What the river said in 2015, when she suffered from pepper gas, is now asking Boca for stones on the micro. And whoever said he had to play on the playground is now asking for a table. And conversely. The cataract of misery is broadcast on nationwide television throughout the day and on all national channels, newspapers and radio stations.

They will be the fans of the river and Boca, who, of course, look at moles and detailed differences. Each of them displays their badges with pride and puts them in the weak spots of their maximum rival.

The rest of them know they are the same.

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