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What is the clever way that Jeff Bezos has announced his divorce

At a time when public figures uncover all the details of their private lives through social networks, news is instantly flitting to the world, and users are often jury rather than just audiences. That's why the way of communicating messages, good or bad, is more important than ever. And the richest person in the world knows that very well.

With a politically correct speech, the founder of the Amazon Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie In a short Twitter statement, they announced their separation: "We feel incredibly lucky that we have found each other and are deeply grateful to each of the years in which we were married." If we knew that after 25 years we would be separated, we would do it We have a great life together as a couple and we see a great future as parents, friends, adventure partners, projects and as individual individuals are watching more adventures and despite the labels we remain family and dear friends. "Tweet has a signature of both.

For Alejandro Sangenis, consultant and coach Neuro Oratories and Communication is a very neutral and politically correct speech: "The style is called empathic and empathic and has been made perfect."

"This statement is very well formulated and done precisely in order to create the effect of empathy, especially with the followers of the Amazon and the Bezoska Empire." This statement is perfect, untenable to make a connection with humans, to be seen very carefully outside, "he said in a dialogue Infobae.

On the other hand, a psychologist and a writer Celia Antonini He joined the billionaire's statements with his presentation: "He owns the Amazon and earns wealth through the platform, his life is scrolled through social networks, and when one is exposed, they share the rest of the world as if they were a great virtual family."

"It seems that the discussion is in common agreement and there is nothing else in this discourse due to the predominance of prolixity, it is seen to be very thoughtful, so it does not have one more sentence in economic terms," ​​Sangenis stressed.

Statements posted in your account Jeff Bezos On January 9, he had more than 6,700 answers from his followers and about 38,000 "likes", along with responses from different people and languages, which gave them strength in the divorce process. "The responses were positive and the message reached an empathic effect with followers, because for each company, someone like Jeff Bezos will always be a business phenomenon, and everything he does and will do will have an impact on their career," he said. Sangenis

"What they did was a way to communicate with those times that are far from pathological, in fact, it's a new way for many people if you live with a high level of exposure, something like that is expected," he said. Antonini.

"Just as you are displaying a divorce, then you exhibit your new love, everything has to be revealed, it is a new way of life that progresses, especially among people who are popular and familiar, that's the level of exposure they need," he stressed. professional

For the professional speakers, the sources they used to tell the world that they were not common were little but effective: "There is a very powerful resource." If we knew we would be separated after 25 years, we would do the same " is also trying to give that touch of love. Clearly, his priority was to avoid a communication crisis and a way to present himself in a politically correct way to prevent any crisis that affects his image and society.

As for the call to sign the two statements, the expert feels that they are two business partners who are trying to avoid side damage: "They are two names aseptically, because they have tremendous strength and reinforce this idea from" we are on the same ship ".

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