Wednesday , June 26 2019
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WhatsApp introduced a new feature to watch videos

To begin the news year, WhatsApp introduced a new tool that is already available for millions of users worldwide. With the latest updates for the most popular instant messenger application, the new Picture In Picture (Picture in Picture) (PiP) option is available for viewing videos.

The new tool allows users who use WhatsApp on their devices as well as from a computer with WhatsApp Web to watch videos in a popup window without having to minimize the application window.

Image in the image starts working automatically every time you click a link that contains YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Streamable video. This feature is designed to allow users of WhatsApp to switch to another chat window and the video can be further displayed.

The PiP name, which refers to allowing one frame to be displayed in the second, allows you to resize the pop-up window that reproduces the multimedia content and also place it in a convenient place on your mobile phone or computer screen.

If you do not yet have Picture-in-Picture mode, both Android and iOS (iPhone), you need to update your app from your mobile phone or restart your web browser from your computer.

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