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Where Manuel Sánchez was in the four days he missed

January 30, 2019

Manuel Sánchez left the letter to his girlfriend and left. Nobody knew anything when he returned on Tuesday, spoke to his girlfriend, and told her her version of the events.

Manuel Sánchez

On Saturday, Manuel Sánchez went to get the car into the garage to go on a holiday with his girlfriend and never came back. After four days of mystery, this Tuesday, he was a boy again with his girlfriend in Villa Pueyrredon.

The police said that according to his statement all this time he was "wandering" at the Retiro bus terminalIn addition, he stated that "did not suffer any illegal activity"

Who is Manuel Sánchez, the boy who with his girlfriend went on vacation, left and never returned

It was known that what caused him to come back was his friend Emily Troil's request for a radio program that the young man listened every day. "When he comes to listen, I want to tell him I'm in my father's apartment, he knows where he is, and if he wants to come anytime, I do not ask him anything. I just want to be with him and accompany him"Emilia said in an interview with Perros de la Calle, who leads Andy Kusnetzoff on the Metro radio.

Manuel Sánchez and Emilia

After this report, Manuel met his girlfriend. The young person is in good health, although the reason why he decided to leave his home surprisingly is not known.

It has so far been known that the causality of a young man's decision would be a family trick that was discovered. In addition, he would leave his studies and not disclose his surroundings. In that mother she said, "She apologizes for a certain fact, it's a dunce and I am surprised. It was not serious, it's his life, it did not hurt me at all."

They said when the boy arrived at the place where he was showering and He sent a message to his relatives, telling them he was alright.

They went on vacation, left their girlfriend and said good-bye to the revealed post

"Everything is solved, I understand, I felt guilty. I've been with him for five years now, he needs restraint, he's shit to hurt others. No one will stop searching for it because it matters only to us that it is good"Emilia said in a radio interview, and several hours later Manuel appeared at the door of the apartment.

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