With All Against – 11/29/2018

Without Gallardo. Without trial. Without People Opening the river hours before the end of the cup and assembling an operation of uncertainty that only those who have no idea of ​​football violence can swallow. Interestingly, the prosecutor investigating the bar and the person entrusted with the operation concerned the same person: Martina Ocampo (resigned to Security but continued as Chief Prosecutor), a confidential friend and a person named Angelic. In other words, a man from Angelic had to take care of Boca microorganisms and the most sinister operation in history was established, even without any Sunday measures, regardless of the exceptional nature of the game or the possible reaction of the bars or their connection with the police.

It is a very serious fact, a bug / horror that should be thoroughly explored, although it does not exclude the authors from the responsibility of the responsibility that it would be time to be identified with the photos and videos from this corner should be rich. There is still time to learn the truth about this regret. There is a lot to be investigated. Many connections. One day there will be a notebook or something that would ignite the fuse that explodes in the nose of intellectual authors. Solidarity of the river with aggressive rival comfort, even in ingenuity. Unfortunately, we left our guard in the last corner. And to think that they want to convince us that the Greeks do not have their patrol … One day there will also be profoundly known provocations and changes in armed operations that shake the normal fans who have come with their entrails in their hands and do not let them pass

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Today is the time of pain. Disappointment I feel cheated. They stole the final. Ida on the Boca course only with the local public and with all bar brava perfectly placed in the second tray as always and a rematch in Qatar or the highest bid with fans of both teams and anyone who can pay for a trip to the airline sponsored by Boca (maybe a discount ). It is perfectly understandable the huge void felt by the river fan. But if we give up, the oppressors will win, the scammers. As if it were a small punishment, they are offended as if it were fair to win the cup on the table, putting on the same ground this irregular fact and the responsibility of those who are responsible for the security that is not yet known by the authors of the material several blocks from the court other games that took place halfway through the stadium, with an agent who was fully identified as a partner and participant in the political life of Boca and the helpers who helped him. Also talking about winning on the playground or on the tables, this time River won the series and now we are tied up.

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In the middle of everything, in the game, in another final or in a very cold position, we could not close to count on specific opportunities, and we again suffered when the stopping ball ended in that bold tension, which is a sanction that almost does not drop on our side Now, if we win this Copa Libertadores, if we can afford it, we will be able to play more. With all the opposites, as it is in sight.

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