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Yanina Latorre said the true reason for Pico Monaco and Pampita

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January 30, 2019

Panelist Yanina Latorre advanced a few months ago to release the media couple before March.

Pampita and Pico Monaco have announced the end of their love again. While this is not the first time, some were surprised. However, Yanina Latorre that she already said it and gave it "Foreword" to commercial explanation.

"What did I say? It was not in March. And they scare me in all colors"He wrote in response to the release of the social networking model he wrote.

In this way, the panelist reaffirmed that she said this at the beginning of January, when Pampita and Pico appeared together in Punta del Este.

"You see he's just walking in the summer," he explained at the time. On the other hand, he suggested that there would be economic motivation for the model and the extenist to coexist during the famous season in the East. The couple is more "profitable" because the brands are more interested in journalism.

Latorre has repeatedly said it Reconciliation is not for love, but because it allows them to sign upAnd maybe I did, a fleeting new opportunity was for a number of commercial commitments and brand events that occur in the high season.

He broke the silence! Pico Monaco pointed to his separation from Pampita and the reputation of infidelity

The Seasons celebrities at beaches are millionaires. Unbelievable amounts are paid for in the presence of some celebrities who are distributing and calling to the media. Pampita is the first.

The magazine magazine at that time reported that the cost of the model is between $ 5,000 to $ 8,000, and may be more likely to include the publication of a brand on its social networks.

The reason for the separation between Pampita and Pico Mónaco

Pampita and Pico sprang up their reconciliation on a New Year's Eve party that he played in the Manantiales bar.

In a note with the people from the beach, she was happy and said, "Love is the most important thing in my life, and yes, I'd like to be a girlfriend and be in love. I do not have problems with other opportunities, I give a thousand. I have no prejudices, nor do I care what people say. I am free by my decisions and doing what my heart says"

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